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Nigel Cameron at ‘The unknown, 100 years from now’ predicts human life in 2115

Last December at ‘The unknown, 100 years from now’ conference, Nobel Laureates and internationally acclaimed figures from a variety of areas came together to think through the world our children and grandchildren will inhabit 100 years from now. Nigel Cameron, President of the Center for Policy on Emerging Technologies in Washington and a leading futurist, shared his expert views on what the world could look like in the year 2115.

'The Unknown, 100 years from now: A voyage of discovery'

Nigel’s speech in particular covered the social, economic and political predictions of how humans may thrive or perish over the next three generations – but what impact will these shifts have on life as we know it?  Will life in 2115 resemble anything we know today? How will technology respond? Will inequality, war and poverty be things of the past? When will the A.I.s take over? How will wealth be (re)distributed? Nigel offers fascinating insights on these questions, and many more.

Watch ‘Nigel Cameron on ‘the human question’ in 2115′

Nigel Cameron, President of the Center for Policy on Emerging Technologies in Washington, DC

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A World without Work: Nigel Cameron at TEDxLacador

Check out this provocative talk by Nigel Cameron, strategist and writer who leads the Washington think tank – Center for Policy on Emerging Technologies, who discusses the idea of a world without work at TEDxLacador.

Nigel notes that Instagram has a handful of employees, whilst Kodak had 145,000. Situations such as these leads Nigel to believe that technology is fast displacing humans, and we must reckon with the possibility that many jobs will be lost – and many new ones created also done by machines. How far will this go? Will a world without work be heaven – or hell? Now is the time to think it through.

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Nigel Cameron: ‘FutureofBiz’

‘FutureofBiz’ is expert on future trends and innovation, Nigel Cameron’s, fascinating website. As an active blogger, Nigel writes entertaining and informative posts, sharing news and views both personal and worldwide.

Recent blogs have covered amazing facts on China, whether women made better leaders and an analysis of social media. Including plenty of links to further information, reports and discussions, Nigel’s site is definitely worth spending time on. Click here to visit.

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