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Adair Turner speaks at Lendit conference on Marketplace Lending

Crowdfunder Insider | Marketplace Lending: The Challenge of Keeping It Simple And Transparent

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Mark Pollock promotes his Run In The Dark campaign in Taiwan

Mark Pollock motivational speaker event

The China Post | Run in The Dark founder visits Taiwan to promote sold-out event

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Jeffrey Sachs talks about The End of Poverty from his latest book


Leaders League | The End of Poverty

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Niall Ferguson talks to Bloomberg on the curent risks to democracy


Bloomberg | Ferguson: Democracy Around the World Is in Crisis

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Niall Ferguson: “Currency wars are best fought quietly”

Niall Ferguson speakerAgainst the zeitgeist of economic optimism and a globally interdependent economy disseminated by last week’s World Economic Forum at Davos, it is perhaps easy to forget that, even in the modern epoch, conflict is as vital a component of  a state’s economic strategy as collaboration.

Niall Ferguson is an authority on economic history. In a piece for Sunday’s edition of the Financial Times, he opines about exchanges rates, which he believes are “an issue almost uniquely susceptible to political misrepresentation” – and their role in ongoing currency “wars”. In typically trenchant style, Niall puts recent currency battles in a historical context, and also praises David Cameron’s recent EU referendum pledge, framing it as part of a “covert devaulation strategy”. The column is fantastic, and you can read it in full by clicking here.

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Niall Ferguson to be 2012 Reith Lecturer

It is one of the most distinguished of public lectures which has been running for over 60 years and in 2012 Professor Niall Ferguson has been chosen to deliver the BBC’s Reith Lectures. He joins an impressive list of philosophers, scientists and economists, amongst others, who have delivered the lectures since the first one in 1948.

As a huge fan of Niall’s books, from The Pity of War (Allen Lane/Penguin Press, 1998) to Colossus: The Rise and Fall of the American Empire (Allen Lane/Penguin Press, 2004), I for one will be looking forward to hearing what he’s got on to say on The Rule of Law and its Enemies (the title of his lecture series).

The first lecture will be broadcast on BBC Radio Four on 19 June, followed by the next three on June 26 and July 3 and July 10.

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Niall Ferguson discusses “IOU-solationism”

In his weekly column for Newsweek, Niall Ferguson discusses ‘IOU-solationism’: the connection between the deficit and US military intervention. He maintains his stance from his 2004 book Colossus, where he describes America’s ‘chronic myopia’ to its global responsibilities. He decries Obama’s decision to withdraw from Afghanistan as akin to a ‘declaration of bankruptcy’ as opposed to a declaration of victory.

US defence spending is more than the next 15 top countries combined, but cuts are looming

Niall notes that social spending accounts for 10.3% of GDP, defence takes up 4.3%. It is not the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq which cause the structural deficit, but the ballooning entitlements to the baby boomers. Military spending is axiomatic to spread democracy, says Niall. “Are defence cuts a false economy?” he asks.

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