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Chartwell Events: ‘The World, but not as we have known it’ with Chris Parry

Join us for breakfast on Wednesday, October 26th, at our London offices to hear one of the UK’s top strategic thinkers, Rear Admiral Chris Parry, speak on ‘The World, but not as we have known it’

A powerful speaker on geopolitics, globalisation and security concerns around the world, Chris will share thought-provoking and penetrating analysis on the state of the world’s affairs and the biggest threats to our safety. It promises to be an unmissable event – we hope you’ll be able to join us!

This event is invitation-only so we look forward to seeing you there! Places are strictly limited but an invite can be requested by email.


More about Chris Parry:

Chris Parry has an international reputation for his penetrating analysis and stimulating articulation of a wide range of geopolitical, strategic and security themes. He is one of the UK’s top strategic thinkers and forecasters, whose assessments about the future have consistently proved extremely accurate and are considered amongst the best in the field by governments, the City, the academic world and a variety of national and international institutions. Read more >>


Keynote by Dr Stephen Hawking makes front page news in Korea

Professor Stephen Hawking and Lucy Hawking were guest speakers at Kyunghyang Forum in Seoul to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Kyunghyang Shinmun last week.


Dr Stephen Hawking appeared as a hologram, as his health no longer allows him to travel, alongside his daughter, Lucy, on stage in Seoul for the event. Together they produced a keynote speech that delighted the audience and made the front page of Kyunghyang Shinmun, Korea’s biggest daily newspaper which attracts 1.3 million visitors daily. 

The event entitled, “The New Normal Era: Innovation & Insights,” took place at the Lotte Hotel Crystal Ballroom in Sogong-dong, Seoul on September 28th and explored the future of science and technology.



The Hawkings’ keynote speech was organised by our very own, Raleigh Addington, Managing Director (APAC), who thoroughly enjoys helping event organisers bring Stephen and Lucy to the stage.

He said: “I’m delighted that we were able to bring Lucy’s enriching insights and Dr Hawking’s expertise to Seoul for such a important occasion.”

Stephen’s holographic image is broadcast from his own home in Cambridge, UK (see above), so that he can appear on stage next to his eldest daughter, Lucy. Watch the full keynote given by Dr Hawking at the Kyunghyang Forum.

Lucy’s keynote expanded on her father’s points but emphasied the need for science to remain a fundamental part of children’s education, highlighting “George’s space series,” that she co-wrote with her father, as an example of how stories can be used to engage children in space exploration and discoveries.

From all accounts, the event was a huge success and we’re thrilled to be working with Lucy and Dr Stephen Hawking on their speaking engagements worldwide.

If you’d like to book the same keynote, or something similar, for your next event anywhere in the world, please send us a quick email with your proposed dates and budget. Please note that due to his health Dr Hawking can only attend events via video link or as a hologram.



About Lucy Hawking:

Lucy Hawking uses story-telling to help audiences understand and engage with science. Lucy is the creator of the George Greenby books, a series of adventure stories which use dramatic story-telling to explain complex science to young audiences. Lucy has collaborated with several distinguished scientists on the George Greenby series, including her well-known father, the theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking. Translated into 40 different languages the books have each met with rave reviews. Lucy is currently working with Canadian animation studio DHX media to develop the series into an animated television series. Read more >>


About Stephen Hawking:

Professor Stephen Hawking is widely regarded as one of the world’s most brilliant theoretical physicists. His best-selling books for a general audience have given an appreciation of physics to millions, and have probed the origins of the cosmos, the nature of time and the universe’s ultimate fate.  Read more >>



























New Keynote Speakers | September 2016

Richard Mullender

After a 25-year career working in the London Metropolitan Police as a detective investigating serious crimes, Richard Mullender moved into hostage negotiation. He quickly worked his way up to become Lead Trainer at Scotland Yard’s world-renowned National Crisis and Negotiation Unit. As a hostage negotiator, Richard built his career on elite listening techniques. Since retiring, he has adapted these techniques from the field and applied them to the corporate world, teaching invaluable communication skills to governmental organisations and leading multinationals alike.

‘Richard is a revelation. The listening techniques he teaches are a huge professional asset. Our delegates at The Institute of Financial Planning are always asking when we can book him again’. Institute of Financial Planning, London Branch

Speaks on: hostage negotiation, elite communication, listening skills for better leadership

Book Richard Mullender as your guest speaker, send us a quick email.

Joby Warrick

Joby Warrick is a best-selling author and a national security reporter for The Washington Post. A two-time Pulitzer Prize winner, he served for 19 years with the Post’s national and investigative staffs, focusing primarily on intelligence, diplomacy and security in the Middle East and South Asia. His first book, “The Triple Agent” (Doubleday, 2011), is the best-selling true story of an al-Qaeda spy who led the CIA into a deadly trap at Khost, Afghanistan, in the agency’s bloodiest day in a quarter-century.

“Joby Warrick is an expert speaker on terrorism, national security, the environment, and the Middle East. He currently writes about terrorism as a national security reporter for The Washington Post.”

Speaks on: terrorism, national security, the environment

Book Joby Warrick as your guest speaker, send us a quick email.

Jon Butterworth

Jon Butterworth is one of the leading physicists on the ATLAS project at the CERN Large Hadron Collider, and was part of the team that discovered the Higgs boson in July 2012. He is the author of  Smashing Physics: The Inside Story of the Hunt for Higgs (2015), a brilliantly told account of incredible scientific collaboration, inspiring technological innovation and ground-breaking science.

“Jon’s unique story and pioneering work has so much to teach corporations aiming to break boundaries and reach new heights of performance. As well as being a great speaker, audiences love to get into conversation with him in a Q&A.”

Speaks on: scientific collaboration, technological innovation, the importance of exploration

Book Jon Butterworth as your guest speaker, send us a quick email.

Melanie Windridge

Dr Melanie Windridge is a plasma physicist, speaker, writer… with a taste for adventure.  She has a PhD in plasma physics (fusion energy) from Imperial College London and is currently Business Development Manager for fusion start-up Tokamak Energy. She also works in education with the Ogden Trust, Anturus and Your Life and is an academic visitor at Imperial College London.

“Melanie argues that all forms of exploration, whether it be through travel or scientific enquiry, at their core boil down to the same thing: the innate human impetus to push back frontiers. Her speeches and writing are designed to explore and cultivate this instinct to innovate, and her stories provide invaluable inspiration to help audiences and businesses develop an exploratory mindset.”

Speaks on: nuclear fusion, northern lights (aurora), renewable energy, the value of scientific enquiry

Book Melanie Windridge as your guest speaker, send us a quick email.

Shane Ortega

Shane Ortega is a retired U.S. Army Staff Sergeant, and the first openly transgender Soldier in the United States military. Shane served multiple tours in both Iraq and Afghanistan during his service in the United States Marine Corps from 2005-2009, and then United States Army in 2009-2016. However, in spite of his physical and mental performance, Ortega was grounded from flight in the summer of 2014 due to his trans identity. Relegated to desk duty, he took action by filing a complaint with the American Civil Liberties Union.

“Shane Ortega speaks and advocates on behalf of LGBT athletes, women, veterans, people of color and disabled persons. He served as the first openly transgender Solider in the U.S. military, and now works to educate people about LGBT health. “

Speaks on: health education, equal opportunity, LGBT issues

Book Shane Ortega as your guest speaker, send us a quick email.

Joe Jordan

Joe Jordan is an engaging and respected speaker and corporate trainer. He works with clients from the perspective that lasting changes in behavior only happen when people change the way they think. Joe provides clients with candid insights, practical strategies, and relevant examples that enable participants to quickly apply and use what they learn. At all organizational levels and in both corporate and not-for-profit environments, people appreciate his sense of humor, candor, and breadth of expertise.

“Joe does an outstanding job facilitating the course content, providing positive feedback, and keeping us on track.” – Dell

Speaks on: avoiding career derailment, business acumen, communication skills 

Book Joe Jordan as your guest speaker, send us a quick email.


Keynote Speakers | In The News (Sept 23)

Happy Friday! In the news this week, our top keynote speakers are writing and making headlines in respected and international media. For booking enquiries, or more about these talented thought-leaders, send us a quick email for their speaking topics, expertise and latest availability.

Here are the top stories we recommend this week:


Harper Reed advocates simplicity in information technology at Indiana University


The Herald-Times | At IT conference, PayPal software developer stresses repetition, user experience 

Latest speaking topics, fee and availability for Harper Reed


Ken Rogoff discusses the pros and cons of countries going cashless

ken-rogoff cashless society
BBC The Inquiry (podcast) | Who wins in a cashless society?

Latest speaking topics, fee and availability for Ken Rogoff


Nouriel Roubini says the markets are not in a bubble

Nouriel Roubini global economy

CNBC | Nouriel Roubini sees frothiness but not a bubble

Latest speaking topics, fee and availability for Nouriel Roubini


Jeffrey Sachs says world leaders need to ramp up investment

U.S. economist Jeffrey Sachs speaks during an interview with Reuters in Rome, Italy, March 15, 2016. Picture taken March 15, 2016. REUTERS/Max Rossi

Reuters UK | World leaders must show us the money to hit goals on poverty, inequality – U.N. adviser 

Latest speaking topics, fee and availability for Jeffrey Sachs


Jim O’Neill instrumental in shaping the global conversation over Antimicrobial Resistance


Quartz | The Goldman Sachs economist who coined the term BRIC is helping tackle the antimicrobial resistance crisis

Latest speaking topics, fee and availability for Jim O’Neill


Jean-Claude Trichet knows why the European economy is lagging behind the US


Market Watch | The ECB should not be turned into a helicopter, Trichet says in interview

Latest speaking topics, fee and availability for Jean-Clause Trichet


Joseph Stiglitz discusses his new book, The Euro

Joseph-Stiglitz EU ruling Apple
Slate | Is the Euro Killing Europe?

Latest speaking topics, fee and availability for Joseph Stiflitz















The Business Of Excellence – as told from the perspective of an RAF fighter pilot…

All of us want to be the best at what we do. But how do we know how to achieve that level of excellence? And, even if we know the theory, how do we put it into practice?

These are the questions Justin Hughes, former RAF fighter pilot and Executive Officer of the legendary Red Arrows, tackles head-on in his brilliant new book, The Business Of Excellence: Building high-performance teams and organizations, which is published today by Bloomsbury.

Drawing on his experience as one of the world’s best pilots and subsequent career as a consultant to business, governments and NGOs, he lays out a performance model that can be applied to a whole variety of organizations:

· People: the primacy of attitude over skills

· Capability: building alignment before setting people free

· Delivery: a process to close the gap between desired and actual outcomes

· Learning: how to accelerate performance in real time

· Leadership: exhibiting a set of behaviours such that others choose to follow

· Risk: avoiding the victory of compliance over outcomes.

Not only is it a great book, but hearing Justin speak at the launch yesterday, with his blend of humour, self-deprecation and sharp analysis, reminded me of just how great a speaker he is too.

If you’d like to learn more about Justin’s speaking topics and availability, get in touch: or 0044 (0) 7809609529

8 keynote speakers who improve your wellbeing

Watching a superb motivational speech can be a form of mediation. Fact.

At Chartwell, we’re always looking for new ways to improve our wellbeing and we believe it comes through exposure to the latest ideas that interrogate and illuminate our world – but results depends on the quality of the thought-leaders behind those ideas. Lucky for you, we’re here to help!

Be inspired and gain a deeper understanding of our world with these incredible speakers. From pre-eminent philosophers to sought-after experts on staying calm, getting a good night’s rest and unlocking your creativity, our speakers provide practical tips and advice that enliven audiences worldwide. Organise an unmissable event for your clients and/or staff with Chartwell’s Wellbeing Speakers.

For more about the talented people featured below – or to discuss your particular event needs – contact Gus in London, Raleigh in Hong Kong or Jeana in Dallas for topics, ideas and latest availability.








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