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Julia Hobsbawm on What Working and Networking will look like in 2020

Julia HobsbawmWe’ve been much enjoying Julia Hobsbawm’s major new report – Fully Connected: What Working and Networking will look like in 2020 – published in association with EY this morning.

It identifies five ‘arrows’ pointing to 21st century business success:

  • Manage your networks
  • Face-to-face five time a week
  • Konwledge dashboard
  • The active networker (lifestyle not diet)
  • Curiosity & generosity

Take a look for yourselves here!



Julia Hobsbawm speaks at the 50th anniversary of Women in PR

Julia HobsbawmJulia Hobsbawm, Founder of Editorial Intelligence, recently gave a keynote at the 50th golden anniversary of Women in PR, an independent networking association of women working in Public Relations in the UK.

In an interview, Julia builds on one her topics – Face to Face in a Facebook Age – and explains that whilst online networking is useful, “the more hours you spend getting out there and meeting people, building real relationships and a real trust – the better.”

Click here to watch some highlights of the event.

Julia Hobsbawm in the New Statesman

Julia Hobsbawm

Click here to read a wonderfully pithy diary column penned this week in the New Statesman by Julia Hobsbawm, the world’s first Honorary Visiting Professor in Networking. An energising read, it whizzes deftly from party conferences, the Daily Mail and Chris Huhne to Netflix and the Science Museum.

Julia Hobsbawm on the BBC Andrew Marr Show

Over the weekend Julia Hobsbawm, CEO of Editorial Intelligence, stopped by the BBC’s Andrew Marr show to review the Sunday newspapers.

In discussion with Fraser Nelson and Jeremy Vine, they went through the hot issues in the British papers today. Scandels in the National Health Service, controversy over political party funding, modern day slavery, UNICEF goodwill ambassadors, cures for Cancer, the British response to Syria, JK Rowling’s latest novel and the way Feminists are using digital technology to track everyday Misogyny.

A whistle-stop tour of the talking points that started the British week.

If you live in the UK you can see the discussion and watch Julia in action via the iplayer link below.
BBC- The Andrew Marr Show

Julia Hobsbawm in Harper’s Bazaar

Businesswoman and founder of Editorial Intelligence, Julia Hobsbawm wrote a recent article for the publication Harper’s Bazaar. Titled ‘My big idea: unleashing the inner artist’, Julia describes how she discovered her “fertile imagination” – from believing she was uncreative to starting her own company and now the private ideas festival ‘Names Not Numbers’.

Click here to read the article

Julia Hobsbawm invited to judge ‘First Women Awards’ 2013

Businesswoman and entrepreneurship consultant, Julia Hobsbawm founded the media networking business Editorial Intelligence in 2005, she is also the world’s first Professor of Networking at Cass Business School.

Last year at the ‘First Women Awards’ Julia was named ‘Media Woman of the Year 2012’ where the judges described her as a “catalyst for phenomenal thinking.” The awards “recognise pioneering UK women who have opened up opportunities for others.”

This year Julia has been invited to be a judge at the 2013 event which will be held in London on 12th June. A previous winner, a champion of women in business and with twenty five year media experience, Julia is more than qualified to join the judges line up!

Click here to visit Julia’s website.

Click here for more information on the awards.

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