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John Hulsman: “The Iranian nuclear crisis still threatens global stability”

Writing in today’s City A.M., Dr John Hulsman, president and co-founder of John C Hulsman Enterprises, laid out the positions of the US and Iran with regard to the upcoming nuclear solution talks.

John points out that the opening negotiating positions between the two sides were expected to be far apart, but that “these two wholly contrary diplomatic stances cannot both be accommodated.” The differences illustrate a seemingly unbridgeable gap in the worldviews of the US and Iran; John argues that this has the potential to upset global stability, but that the West is under-rating such a possibility.

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Read John Hulsman on America’s shrinking margin of error

John HulsmanJohn Hulsman, the Germany-based political analyst, has an interesting piece in today’s City AM. He argues that the post Iraq mood in the US is anti-intervention, and that the US electorate no longer wants Washington to play global policeman. But this also creates a vacuum, John argues, and new dangers for the US. Look, for example, at how quickly Russia has acted to exploit John Kerry’s mis-spoken response to a journalist at a London press conference.

“As is true with Russia, many of these powers do not have western interests at heart. In this world of many powers, it is imperative that the US thinks through a realist foreign policy that fits the more diffuse times we live in. Otherwise, we will live at the mercy of Kerry’s ramblings and others’ calculations.”

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