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Martin Jacques and Steve Tsang, expert speakers on China’s affairs, weigh in on Hong Kong’s Umbrella Revolution

Tens of thousands of Hong Kong students are currently protesting for more political freedom in the streets of China’s most international city. Here are two interesting perspectives on this “Umbrella Revolution”, from two expert speakers on China’s affairs:

Martin Jacques is a Senior Fellow at the Department of Politics and International Studies, Cambridge University, and best-selling author of “When China Rules the World” (2009). Writing for the Guardian, a British-based newspaper, Martin argues that the protesters are mostly driven by dislocation and resentment at mainlanders’ success, and that they need to find more effective ways of making their views clear and arguing their case. Click here to read “China is Hong Kong’s future – not its enemy”.

Steve Tsang is Professor of Contemporary Chinese Studies at the University of Nottingham, and Director of the university’s China Policy Institute. Writing for Forbes, Steve argues that Beijing should strive for success of the “one country, two systems” model in Hong Kong, and not in repressing the people of Hong Kong who are likely to respond with long, dragged-out acts of civil disobedience. Click here to read “How Not to Make a Crisis in Hong Kong”.

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Jonathan Fenby, an expert speaker on China, discusses the Hong Kongers march for democracy

Jonathan Fenby speaker

Writing in the Financial Times, Jonathan Fenby, journalist, author and expert speaker on China, explains that Beijing is threatening the future of its golden goose in its response to the Hong Kongers march for democracy.

Jonathan argues that there was always a central misunderstanding when it came to the policy of “one country, two systems”, after Hong Kong’s transfer to Chinese sovereignty 17 years ago last week. With central authorities stressing the first part of the formula, Jonathan describes how Hong Kongers resent Beijing’s continued attempts to exercise control of the Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) of Hong Kong through three ineffective chief executives selected by a small circle of electors approved by Beijing.

Resentment deepened by the prospect of the next choice of chief executive in 2017. In wake of this, 800,000 people voted in an unofficial online poll for a democratic system for selection of the next chief executive, and more than 100,000 joined a rally to call for democracy. With more protests planned, Jonathan warns that “if troops go to deal with Hong Kong protests it could get out of control.”

Click here to read the full article.

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