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Listen to Gerard Lyons discuss the future of the global economy and his new book, “The Consolations of Economics”

Listen in to Alex Hickman in conversation with Dr Gerard Lyons, Chief Economic Advisor to the Mayor of London Boris Johnson.

A regular commentator on the future of the global economy, Gerard has recently published his critically acclaimed first book – “The Consolations of Economics” (Faber & Faber, 2014) – predicting a period of prosperous economic growth. In this exclusive interview with Chartwell, Gerard discusses the underlying drivers of this economic outlook, how current geopolitical risks might affect such growth and why we should remain positive.

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Economics speaker Gerard Lyons presents: “The Europe Report: A Win-Win Situation”

Gerard Lyons speakerIn “The Europe Report: A Win-Win Situation” the Mayor of London’s Chief Economic Advisor, Dr Gerard Lyons, considers how London’s economy would be affected by four different scenarios based on the UK’s relationship with Europe in 20 years time. London alone is currently the ninth biggest economy in western Europe and its £350bn economy represents 22.5 per cent of the entire UK economy.

It is the first time that an economic forecast regarding London’s relationship with the EU has looked two decades into the future and their results, according to Gerard, clearly indicate that the best economic scenario for London would be for the UK to remain part of a reformed European Union. However they also indicate that a scenario where the UK leaves the EU but continues to conduct outward looking and positive economic policies with the EU and the wider world offers nearly the same level of benefits.

A third scenario where the UK remains in an unreformed EU offers far less opportunity for economic growth and a worst case scenario where the UK leaves the EU and operates isolationist economic policies would cost London’s economy more than one million jobs.

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Gerard Lyons, economics speaker, on why London is the place to be

Gerard Lyons speakerGerard Lyons, a leading economics speaker and Chief Economic Advisor to the Mayor of London Boris Johnson, discusses why London is the place to be, and comments on how it can retain its new status as the world’s most favourite place to visit.

This claim was confirmed by the MasterCard Global Cities Index, which told us that in 2014 London will welcome a staggering 18.7 million visitors, making it the world’s number one place to visit. Gerard believes that it is London’s abundance of “cash, commodity and creativity” that has allowed for such titles. However, although London is bound to always be a top tourist destination, Gerard argues that the greater challenge will be to ensure it remains the number one place to work and live.

He advises that “London needs to play to its strengths, adapt and change and anticipate the changing drivers of the world economy…The capital has to remain open to inward investment and as receptive to global ideas as possible. I think it will — but it requires continued investment and change.”

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Praise for “The Consolations of Economics”: new book by expert speaker Gerard Lyons

Gerard Lyons, Chief Economic Advisor to the Mayor of London Boris Johnson and expert keynote speaker on the global economy, has been described as having “enlighting” views on economic progress according to a review of his first book, “The Consolations of Economics” (Faber & Faber, 2014), in the Guardian newspaper.

Gerard Lyons - The Consolations of Economics - Photo by Fstiennon - CC BY SA 3.0

‘Gerard Lyons is not only one of the cleverest economists in London – he is also the most accessible.’ Boris Johnson, Mayor of London

Reviewed by veteran journalist William Keegan, he notes that “it is good to welcome a new book by Gerard Lyons which goes against the grain of current pessimism. In The Consolations of EconomicsLyons, now a veteran among City economic analysts, provides a most readable account of decades of economic policies and events, and his subtitle, How We Will All Benefit from the New World Order, is a welcome counterblast against the prevailing orthodoxy.”

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Gerard Lyons: a top Twitter influencer on the UK economy

Dr Gerard Lyons is currently among the top twitter influencers and players with regard to the debate on the UK economy, according to the website Influmetrics.

Analyses based on Twitter conversations also show that he is the economist making the most impact, which is measured by the influence being multiplied by the activity of the Twitter user.

Check out who else is making a difference here.

Dr Gerard Lyons on the prospects of the UK economy

In an recent article for The Telegraph, Dr Gerard Lyons, chief economic adviser to Boris Johnson, explained that the message for Britain from the G20 is to prepare for stronger global growth.

Gerard argues that despite uncertainty, he remains positive about what lies ahead for the UK economy. He points out the reason for this uneasiness is that the global economy has faced three paradoxes in recent years:

  1. The policy paradox – where the policies many countries want to pursue in the long term are not those they have been able to implement in the near term.
  2. The regulatory paradox – in the wake of the crisis, economies tightened regulations, particularly in the financial sector.
  3. The balanced economy paradox – the policies each economy may want to pursue in isolation to get back into shape are not necessarily the policies you want all countries to follow at same time, lest demand weakens.

He goes on to say that as confusing this global picture may be, three messages of reason stand out for the UK.

Click here to read what these are.

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