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Nigel Cameron at ‘The unknown, 100 years from now’ predicts human life in 2115

Last December at ‘The unknown, 100 years from now’ conference, Nobel Laureates and internationally acclaimed figures from a variety of areas came together to think through the world our children and grandchildren will inhabit 100 years from now. Nigel Cameron, President of the Center for Policy on Emerging Technologies in Washington and a leading futurist, shared his expert views on what the world could look like in the year 2115.

'The Unknown, 100 years from now: A voyage of discovery'

Nigel’s speech in particular covered the social, economic and political predictions of how humans may thrive or perish over the next three generations – but what impact will these shifts have on life as we know it?  Will life in 2115 resemble anything we know today? How will technology respond? Will inequality, war and poverty be things of the past? When will the A.I.s take over? How will wealth be (re)distributed? Nigel offers fascinating insights on these questions, and many more.

Watch ‘Nigel Cameron on ‘the human question’ in 2115′

Nigel Cameron, President of the Center for Policy on Emerging Technologies in Washington, DC

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“Has technology rewired our brains?” asks Tom Chatfield, a leading thinker on digital culture

Tom Chatfield speakerHas technology rewired our brains, making us less human as a result? Tom Chatfield is a leading thinker on digital culture, is an enthusiastic downloader of the latest apps, and an early adopter of anything small and shiny that promises to smooth his path through life. But Tom can’t help feeling a little anxious about the hold that new technology has on his life.

Plato felt much the same, concerned that the new-fangled concept of writing might destroy the ability of the Ancient Greeks to memorise vast swathes of human knowledge. Do car sat-navs destroy our innate sense of direction? Do search engines displace our store of general knowledge?

With the help of the Economist’s Digital Editor, Tom Standage and cybernetics expert, Kevin Warwick, Tom looks toward a future when the communication and computing power of our smartphones is inserted directly into our nervous systems. With superfast thought processes and a battery of new senses will we feel upgraded or out of control, superhuman or inhuman?

Click here to listen to their musings. It will be followed up by a long essay on technology, anxiety and what tech means for the mind next week- watch this space.

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Dr Tom Chatfield is a British author of six bestselling books, broadcaster and tech philosopher. He has advised many of the world’s leading technology firms, and is currently a Visiting Associate at the Oxford Internet Institute. The latest edition of his book “Netymology: a linguistic celebration of the digital world” was published by Quercus US on 2nd August 2016.

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Watch speaker highlights from the 2014 WIRED Conference: people changing the world and defining the future

We had a spectacular time at the 2014 WIRED Conference last week, a two day event that keeps participants ahead of the trends that transform our world. Delightfully curated by editor of the UK edition of WIRED magazine David Rowan, who also moderated the conference, the audience were transfixed with a well-chosen range of speakers. They created a very special atmosphere, simultaneously filled with challenge, idealism, possibility and curiosity.

Little touches like the interactive Test Lab product area really made the days powerful and memorable. David did a superb job of connecting the WIRED community with the wider world, and communicating what matters to our generation. Watch the videos below to catch highlights from the 2014 WIRED Conference!

Day 1 explored emerging ideas about the human body, breakthrough technologies, and new thinking on neuroscience.

Day 2 explored the collision of design and technology, included a start-up pitch, asked people to rethink education and welcomed thinkers from leading global companies and organisations.

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Keynote by Parag Khanna: “Future Trends in the Century of Cities”

Dr. Parag Khanna, a leading next-generation voice on the nexus between international affairs, economics and technology, gave an insightful opening keynote on “Future Trends in the Century of Cities” and moderated a discussion, titled “Reimagining Cities: Transforming the 21st Century Metropolis”, at the 2014 New Cities Summit in Dallas.

In this talk, Dr Khanna lays out some of the context and challenges that cities around the world are facing today, and argues that the city has to reinvent itself. He begins by looking at Big Data – currently 50% of people live in urban environments, and that number is increasing by 10% per year. By 2025, 100 of the 600 richest cities will be based in China, representing the majority of the world’s GDP. When combining these figures with India, the pace of urbanisation becomes staggering – the two largest countries demographically will become collections of cities.

Future Trend in the Century of Cities

Reimagining Cities: Transforming the 21st Century Metropolis

But how will cities reinvent, adapt and transform themselves to fit the capacity of these growing populations, integrate new technologies, and become more dynamic both economically and culturally? Watch discussions from the summit below for more insight!

Hiroo Ichikiwa, Executive Director, the Mori Memorial Foundation
Jaime Lerner, Celebrated Urbanist, Former Mayor, Curitiba, Brazil
Arturo Sarukhan, Former Ambassador to the US, Mexico
Richard Sennett, Centenial Professor, London School of Economics
Mpho Franklyn Parks Tau, Executive Mayor, Johannesburg

Dr. Parag Khanna, Managing Partner, Hybrid Reality

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Richard Watson: A Timeline of Emerging Science and Technology

Richard Watson: A Timeline of Emerging Science and Technology

Richard Watson speakerThis interview centres around a new infographic by Richard WatsonClick here to access it.

Listen to Huw Diprose in conversation with best-selling author and speaker Richard Watson on future scenarios for digital, nano, neurological, green and bio trajectories from his new infographic “Timeline of Emerging Science and Technology.” This project was part of a joint venture with London’s Imperial College Tech Foresight Programme, which offers challenging, provocative and personal visions of the future from world-leading academic talent, and looks ahead to what the next decades could offer as a consequence of breakthrough discoveries.

Richard Watson is a cutting-edge writer, speaker and thinker advising organisations on what the future holds, with a particular focus on strategic foresight and scenario planning. He is the publisher of “What’s Next” magazine, and is also co-founder of Futures House Europe (a specialist scenario-planning consultancy).

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Paul Markillie discusses the future of innovation

Paul Markillie, a global expert on the disruptive impact of new technologies and Innovation Editor for The Economist Magazine, joins us for three quick questions on the future of innovation as a part of the Chartwell Podcast series.

Paul is particularly excited about the potential of nano-satellite technology (pictured above), which can do much of the same jobs that a big satellite can do but for a fraction of the cost. Listen in to find out more!

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