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Gerard Lyons publishes new book, The UK Referendum: An Easy Guide to leaving the EU

UK ReferendumDr Gerard Lyons, Senior Economic Advisor to Boris Johnson lays out his case for Britain leaving the EU in his new book, The UK Referendum: An Easy Guide to Leaving the EU.  In this accessible E-book, Gerard analyses the history of the relationship between the UK and the EU and concludes that the benefits that we once reaped from the arrangement are no longer relevant in today’s world.

Lyons describes the landscape of a UK outside of the EU, arguing a point by point case for the advantages which we will see as a result. For Leave voters, this book offers a compelling justification of their position, for Remain voters, it offers a comprehensive review of the other side’s point of view. For those still undecided, it offers a crucial piece of the puzzle to help make a decision on what is being described as the most important democratic decision in a generation.

The book is now available to buy for £1.99 on Kindle.

2015 UK General Election – Outlook and Perspectives from Merryn Somerset Webb, Editor-in-Chief of MoneyWeek

As the United Kingdom heads into election year and the Parties draw up their manifestos, a panel of expert speakers examined the prospects and likely implications of the 2015 UK General Election. They discussed:

  • The Election day outlook, what the polls suggest will happen – with the growth of UKIP is more coalition likely or can Labour or the Conservatives surge ahead in the run up to May?
  • With further cuts likely, what are the implications post 2015 of the UK’s place in the world? Can the US-UK Military alliance endure on a practical level? And how will an in-out EU referendum affect the UK’s attractiveness to foreign direct investment?
  • As the main parties begin to sketch out their economic policies, how will the election result impact upon British Business and US and other Foreign Investors?

The panel included Merryn Somerset Webb, Editor-in-Chief, MoneyWeek; Philip Stephens, Associate Editor, The Financial Times; and Simon Wells, Chief UK Economist, HSBC.

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Michael Portillo brands EU referendum “dangerous”

Michael Portillo today asserted his belief that a referendum on Britain’s continuing EU membership would be a “dangerous” gamble.

Cameron had been due to set out his vision for renegotiating Britain’s place in Europe in a highly anticipated speech in Amsterdam on Friday, but cancelled as the Algerian hostage crisis escalated. Cameron had intended to detail his future EU strategy, which entails clawing back powers from Brussels to Britain if the Conservatives win the next general election in 2015. His aim will be to ensure that the UK can remain inside the EU as a trading bloc, but with the scale of bureaucracy, laws and regulation significantly reduced. However, he was also expected to announce a referendum on the new terms of Britain’s membership to be held in 2017-18, which would include the “clear option” of the UK exiting the EU in the event of a “No” vote.

Michael, the former Conservative Defence Secretary, formerly regarded as one of the most Eurosceptic figures in John Major’s Cabinet, said he believed that ““to commit the country to an in-out referendum seems to me to be extraordinarily dangerous,” on Sky News.

You can read Michael’s comments in full by clicking here.

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