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Merryn Somerset Webb on mortgage and interest rates

Merryn Somerset Webb spoke to Andrew Neil for the BBC about current mortgage and interest rates. Discussing the 2.5% mortgages available on a 5 year fixed term, she suggested that these are not sustainable long-term and that rates will go up in the future. She also said that although 7% would be a ‘normal’ mortgage at the moment, people do realise that current mortgage and interest rate are not really normal.

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Curtis S. Chin explores Asia’s growing inequality

Writing in Phnom Penh Post, Curtis S. Chin explores the rise of inequality in Cambodia. Ahead of upcoming elections, Curtis suggests more introspection is needed on the impact of foreign investment and development programs, that have successfully grown both the economy and rates of inequity within the nation.

He suggests, more than poverty, companies entering growth markets also need to think about inequality.

An illuminating read.

Click here to read “Phnom Penh Post: Wanted: a level playing field”.

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Allister Heath discusses how to tackle the UK rent crisis

Editor of City A.M, Allister Heath’s article ‘Rent controls are madness, we need to build more homes’ was published in yesterday’s Telegraph, focusing on the UK rent crisis. UK rent, as well as house prices are becoming “out of control”; in London the cost of renting is over half the average wage in two thirds of boroughs. An issue which has come to the forefront of media and political attention, Allister gives his views of what can and should be done to solve these problems.

Allister describes tentative plans for rent controls as “complete madness”, arguing that these would counteract what he believes to be the solution: “either to reduce demand or to increase supply, or both.”  Opposing measures proposed by some politicians, he  suggests that they need to focus on the causes of the crisis, rather than simply addressing higher rents which are the manifestation of this crisis. He claims that within the housing market “Liberalisation is essential.”

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Merryn Somerset Webb on the Tokyo tumble

‘The Tokyo tumble doesn’t bother me a bit’ is Merryn Somerset Webb, Editor-in-chief of MoneyWeek’s most recent article in the Financial Times. Discussing the sudden drop in Japan’s stock market, following its incredible rise only a few weeks ago, Merryn, an expert finance speaker, maintains that this is not something to be worried about and that these are natural highs and lows which will correct themselves.

Suggesting the fall “has been hugely exacerbated by the skittishness of all investors, domestic and foreign, and by their obsession with central banks”, Merryn advocates her long-standing belief that investment is better left to part-timers and in these situations long-term fundamental investors should “mostly be sitting this kind of thing out.”

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Jim O’Neill’s opinion column for Bloomberg

Former Goldman Sach’s Chief Economist, Jim O’Neill has recently starting writing a monthly blog for Bloomberg. His first opinion column on May 23rd “At last, Germany Secures Total Dominance of Europe” draws interesting parallels between Germany’s football and economy.

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Nasser Saidi and Andrew Neil at the 8th Arabian Business Forum

The 8th Arabian Business Forum was held on May 21st in Dubai, where a number of speakers were chosen to discuss some of the major issues currently facing the Gulf economies. The event was hosted by the renowned British broadcaster, political commentator and ITP Chairman, Andrew Neil.

Former Chief Economist for the Dubai International Financial Centre, Nasser Saidi is an expert on Middle Eastern finance and economics; Arabian Business magazine said “there aren’t many more prominent experts than Dr Nasser Saidi.”

In his keynote speech Nasser suggested that for 2013 the non-oil sector will aid growth in the economy as oil prices plateau and even drop. He also discussed unemployment and its effects as well as the loans that the government are encouraging banks to give to new companies.

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