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“UK Foreign Policy: Not Going AWOL” says Director of Chatham House Robin Niblett

Robin Niblett speakerRobin Niblett, an expert on UK foreign policy, has argued that although the UK has been accused recently of stepping off the international stage, leaving Germany and France to run the show, Britain’s seeming lack of engagement “does not paint an accurate picture of the country’s overall foreign policy.”

Robin outlines three reasons for this. First, he believes that the government’s core priority is to rebuild the foundation of the UK’s long-term economic prosperity. Second, with British public opinion suffering more than most from intervention fatigue, the government are far more risk-averse than in the past. Finally, “all governments inhabit a world in which the exercise of national power to achieve external goals is exceedingly difficult, and all countries, Britain included, are currently more selective in where they put their effort.”

Nonetheless, Robin believes it’s important to note that “Britain still has the world’s fifth-highest defence budget, the sixth-largest economy, one of its two leading financial centers, and is the second-largest contributor of international financial assistance. It remains one of five permanent members of the UN Security Council and a nuclear power. Not bad for a country representing under one per cent of the world’s population.”

However, he also contends there are two serious worries for the future. First, “the government’s willingness to countenance a further decline in British defense spending”; and second, that “widespread ambivalence across Britain about the value of EU membership is undermining the capacity of British policy-makers to offer leadership within the EU at a time of unprecedented risk and uncertainty.”

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Listen to Gerard Lyons discuss the future of the global economy and his new book, “The Consolations of Economics”

Listen in to Alex Hickman in conversation with Dr Gerard Lyons, Chief Economic Advisor to the Mayor of London Boris Johnson.

A regular commentator on the future of the global economy, Gerard has recently published his critically acclaimed first book – “The Consolations of Economics” (Faber & Faber, 2014) – predicting a period of prosperous economic growth. In this exclusive interview with Chartwell, Gerard discusses the underlying drivers of this economic outlook, how current geopolitical risks might affect such growth and why we should remain positive.

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