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“Fight for YES” proclaims innovation speaker DJ Patil

Fight for YES - DJ Patil speakerGiving a motivational commencement speech for the 2014 UC Santa Cruz Basking School of Engineering, DJ Patil, one of the world’s foremost authorities on data science and a leading innovation speaker, told the new graduates to chase their big ideas, but most importantly lead a path of intellectual honesty.

DJ explains that we are entering a time where everyone is looking for reasons to say “no”. No to finding solutions to poverty. No to comprehensive global health care. No to keeping our planet pristine for our children.

He goes on to tell the graduates that “saying yes to tackling these challenges will come from you. The diploma that you’re about to receive isn’t just a certification of how good you are. It’s a baton of trust given to you with the expectation that you will take on these challenges…Class of 2014, hear the no’s, expect the no’s, confront them, respect them, but do not accept them. Fight for YES.”

Click here for a full transcript of the speech.

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DJ Patil joins the startup RelateIQ

It has just been announced that the leading authority on digital media, social networks and data science DJ Patil has joined startup company RelateIQ. Moving on from his position as Data Scientist in Residence at Greylock Partners, DJ Patil has officially joined the team at RelateIQ.

The company use large-scale data-mining technologies to automate relationship tracking in the enterprise and CRM world and launched their public beta in 2013 with a mission to help people build better relationships and make smarter decisions.

Described on the RelateIQ’s blog as their “newest stellar hire”, DJ Patil has become their first VP of Product. He has been adviser to the company from the start, helping founders Steve Loughlin and Adam Evans with tasks such as developing data strategies with engineers.

In the article announcing DJ’s new role, TechCrunch believe he is the ideal candidate: “He brings a significant amount of experience in both data mining and data security, areas where RelateIQ will benefit from Patil’s expertise.” In fact Steve Loughlin told TechCrunch: “We are thrilled to have DJ join the team as his abilities are world-class.”

Click here to visit RelateIQ’s website

Click here to read TechCrunch’s article

DJ Patil inspires the University of California’s School of Information graduates

Last week, social media innovator and data science pioneer, DJ Patil delivered a speech at the University of California’s School of Information graduation ceremony. Encouraging students to “seek out those that will take a risk on you”, DJ Patil was praised for giving “a great story–and some excellent career advice.”

He spoke about his path to success (founder and director of LinkedIn’s data science department 2008-2011) and gave advice to new graduates, including “actively take chances on others, even when it is at a risk to you” and “put yourself in a position so people can easily help you out.”

Click here to read DJ Patil’s speech in full

DJ Patil interview on “Big Data”

Social media innovator and data science pioneer, DJ Patil who was the founder and director of LinkedIn’s data science department (2008-2011) was interviewed by the Wall Street Journal recently. Questioned “about how investors can use big data to spot the next big thing”, DJ Patil discussed the challenges investors face using data mining, some of the “most useful data out there” and the book ‘Moneyball’.

Click here to read the article in full.

DJ Patil: “Big data means big opportunities”

DJ Patil - GreylockDJ Patil is a pioneering force in the realm of big data. Over the course of his career, he’s pioneered the introduction of ‘data science’ departments at eBay, Skype and LinkedIn. He also created the job title ‘Data Scientist’, which has now become one of the most envied and sought after job titles in Silicon Valley.

In a piece for this month’s edition of Computerworld, DJ talks about how data is helping to create big opportunities for IT professionals, both for businesses and individuals. To read the article, click here

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