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Leading economics speaker Allister Heath steps down from City A.M.

Allister Heath, an opinionated and articulate speaker on economic affairs, has today penned his last column as Editor of the London-based newspaper City A.M. Having been with the company for six years, which has now grown to an audited print circulation of 128,781 copies per day, he has transformed the newspaper into one of the most influential voices in London’s business community.

Allister’s parting thought for readers was that Britain needs to learn to love capitalism if it is to fulfil its full potential. He believes that “far too many people object to far too many of the institutions and practices that have generated the astonishing wealth and prosperity we take for granted.”

Whilst he notes that “the international authorities are still working on plans for a completely new bankruptcy code and system for large, systemic financial institutions,” Allister calls for a cultural revolution in the UK and across the Western world, arguing that “reinjecting the fear of bankruptcy into the system is the solution: it will mean that market mechanisms will be able to start disciplining finance again, and that we will no longer need to rely as much on heavy-handed and often flawed regulations.”

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Expert speaker John Hulsman on Western intervention in Iraq

John Hulsman speakerIn today’s City A.M. Dr John Hulsman, a leading expert on the political economy of the Middle East, warned that the West must not learn the wrong lessons from Iraq.

Referring to a recent essay by Tony Blair, the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, which explains the West was right to intervene in Iraq in 2003, and that we would be right to intervene there now – as ISIS rampages across the country, John argues that such thinking could not “be more wrong, or more dangerous” and that we should also “beware of men who use history to attempt to absolve themselves of its consequences.”

John believes that a key “misleading historical lesson to unlearn from the neoconservative argument is their tenuous grasp of what primary national interests amount to. Every evil in the world certainly does not amount to a sea monster that the West must spend blood and treasure destroying; instead, choices about intervention must be made, based upon a reading of western national interests.” He goes on to point out a far better way forward in terms of the middle east and western interventions.

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John Hulsman reflects on what we can learn from D-Day

John HulsmanIn today’s City A.M., Dr John Hulsman, a prolific foreign affairs commentator, argued that our leaders have forgotten the spirit of D-Day – and why it saved the world.

John was struck by a conversation he had with sergeant Charles Bookman Fair, a friend of his father who led an eight-man rifled mortar squad on D-Day. When asked about his experiences on the battlefield Fair told John, “I believed in what we were doing, I believed in our allies, and I believed in our leaders.” Noting this, John points out that there is a canyon’s worth of difference between this attitude and Allied foreign policy today.

A key issue is that during that point in history there was a sense of clarity about what the Allies were trying to accomplish. John argues that now, however, American foreign policy is in a murky world of multipolarity and “without such clarity, Washington will never be able to build the domestic political consensus needed to successfully execute any sort of long-term foreign policy.”

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Geopolitics speaker John Hulsman on China’s new anti-West axis

John HulsmanIn today’s City A.M. Dr John Hulsman, a leading geopolitical speaker and analyst, explains what he believes is the biggest story since the end of the Cold War: China’s new anti-West axis.

Focusing on the seismic global shift instigated by President Putin’s huge gas deal with China’s Xi Jinping last month, the new economic tie-up that John’s political risk firm predicted ahead of the fact, John argues that the deal is first and foremost about geopolitics. This follows from Putin’s brief visit to Shanghai last month, where Xi proposed a new regional Asian security organisation, including Russia, Turkey, and Iran, but excluding the US.

John therefore see gas deal as “part of a larger Sino-Russian diplomatic gambit – admittedly still in its very early stages – presenting the first real geopolitical challenge to the United States in a generation.” He goes on to warn that “if China and Russia find general common cause and move closer to each other than either is to America, the global chessboard is irrevocably altered.”

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Our urban future, as seen by economics speaker Jim O’Neill

Jim O'NeillWriting for City A.M., Jim O’Neill, the well-known economist, discusses our urban future by analysing how regional cities can match London’s success.

Jim argues that there is a job to do in generating stronger growth across urban Britain. He points out that chiefly we need a better infrastructure – developing connectivity across the UK and, critically, with international market. Jim believes this can be brought about in three ways:

  1. Improved connectivity between the midlands and northern cities.
  2. Recognise our existing assets – for example, at our universities talent and innovation are diversely spread.
  3. Find ways to incentivise universities to retain talent after graduation.

Jim goes on to say that like London, the “UK’s regional cites have talent and capital. In many cases the assets are there and ready to be realised. What is missing is the boldness to unlock this latent potential.”

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Modi’s election “most significant event of 2014” argues John Hulsman

Writing for City A.M., Dr John Hulsman, a prolific foreign affairs commentator, analyses why Modi’s election is the most important political event of the year, and what this means for investors.

Having predicted Modi’s huge win and importance for over a year, John notes that Modi will be the first Indian leader to be able to form a single party government since 1984. Consequently this “amounts to nothing less than a revolution, a political sea change for the most populous democracy on earth, with huge promise for the world’s investors.”

John goes on to outline Modi’s to-do list:

  1. Crack down on corruption, and quickly.
  2. Renew the link of the governing with the governed.
  3. Tame the dragon of inflation.
  4. Most importantly, reignite India’s world-beating growth rates of the past.

As India looks to Modi to bring about economic revival, John suggests that “investors should look at India in this fashion: even given the corrupt, inefficient government of the past decade, India still managed to grow at 4.5 per cent. Imagine what it can do with more efficient, honest, pro-business people in charge?”

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