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Chartwell Events: ‘The World, but not as we have known it’ with Chris Parry

Join us for breakfast on Wednesday, October 26th, at our London offices to hear one of the UK’s top strategic thinkers, Rear Admiral Chris Parry, speak on ‘The World, but not as we have known it’

A powerful speaker on geopolitics, globalisation and security concerns around the world, Chris will share thought-provoking and penetrating analysis on the state of the world’s affairs and the biggest threats to our safety. It promises to be an unmissable event – we hope you’ll be able to join us!

This event is invitation-only so we look forward to seeing you there! Places are strictly limited but an invite can be requested by email.


More about Chris Parry:

Chris Parry has an international reputation for his penetrating analysis and stimulating articulation of a wide range of geopolitical, strategic and security themes. He is one of the UK’s top strategic thinkers and forecasters, whose assessments about the future have consistently proved extremely accurate and are considered amongst the best in the field by governments, the City, the academic world and a variety of national and international institutions. Read more >>


“Super Highway”: new book by geopolitics speaker Chris Parry

Super Highway Book CoverChris Parry, a widely-known global security speaker, maritime strategist and former Rear Admiral, has released his new book, titled “Super Highway: Sea Power In The 21st Century” (Elliot & Thompson, 2014). Here, Chris argues that in the second decade of the 21st century, the sea is set to reclaim its status as the world’s pre-eminent strategic medium.

Almost everything that travels virtually between continents and states on the internet moves, in reality, as in previous eras of globalisation, across, under or over the sea. Chris makes the case that the next decade will witness a “scramble” for the sea, involving competition for oceanic resources and the attempted political and economic colonisation of large tracts of what have, until now, been considered international waters and shipping routes.

With space travel no longer on the agenda, the sea (the physical equivalent of the world-wide web) is effectively the world’s final undiscovered frontier and the potential arena for a classic ‘Great Game’between the major powers and developing states.

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Expert Reactions: Chris Parry on Egypt – “ripple effect on Turkey?”

As we wait to hear on the shape and make-up of Egypt’s ‘transition government’ we spoke to strategic forecaster, author & commentator Rear Admiral Christopher J. Parry about the effect the takeover will have both within Egypt and in the wider middle east.

The Army takeover of the government in Egypt has put the developed, western world in a difficult position. It must be difficult for political theorists and liberal to confront the sad truth that democracy, in this case, has had to be saved from itself.

What Mohammed Morsi failed to recognize is that democratic transition involves delivery on issues that bear significantly on popular expectations. There was an assumption in Egypt, as with any other country moving from authoritarian rule to democracy that democracy brings prosperity. Experience shows that prosperity follows democracy, accountability and market reforms.

The difficult question for the Army and all those who wish Egypt well is what happens if Egyptians in the next presidential elections vote for another Muslim Brotherhood government?

The obvious question with regard to events in Egypt is – what will be the ripple effect on Turkey? The Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has conducted a sustained personal, judicial and institutional attack on the armed forces over the past 10 years to ensure that it no longer has the power to intervene in politics. About 20 per cent of previous senior officers are imprisoned after being convicted of complicity in nebulous coup plots. One suspects that, as long as Turkey’s economy continues to grow, Erdogan will be able to contain the frustrations of those (just under 50 per cent) who did not – and do not – support him. However, the Army still maintains a constitutional right – and the accepted moral responsibility – to preserve the Ataturk heritage and the pre-eminence of secularism.



Great feedback for Rear Admiral Chris Parry: expert speaker on geopolitics, global security and future strategic trends

Chris Parry, one of the UK’s top thinkers on geopolitics, global security and future strategic trends, has been speaking to a leading investment firm and generated fantastic feedback.

Chris spent 35 years in the Royal Navy, as a Seaman and Fleet Air Arm officer, during which time he sailed every sea and commanded the destroyer HMS GLOUCESTER, the Maritime Warfare Centre and
the assault ship HMS FEARLESS.

From 2001, as a Commodore, he was Director Operational Capability in the Ministry of Defence, before commanding the UK’s Amphibious Task Group (2003-2005). As a Rear Admiral from  2005, he formed the Development, Concepts and Doctrine Centre (DCDC) and spent 3 years as its Director General, leading a radical revision of all Armed Forces’ and NATO thinking and publishing a ground-breaking, innovative survey of future world trends out to

As well as being a non-executive director with various enterprises, Chris advises governments and major private institutions about future strategic trends, leadership and risk, competitive advantage and change management, as well as global security and geopolitical themes. He regularly assists Boards with the development of strategy and the implementation of growth and get-well programmes.

Rear Admiral Chris Parry: North Korea will come out of the cold in 2013

Chartwell’s last discussion event of 2012 – The Challenges and Opportunities of 2013 – looked forward to the key political, economic and culutral trends we might expect to see in the new year.

Chris Parry, former Rear Admiral in the Royal Navy and one of the world’s leading geopolitcal trend analysts, said that in 2013 it is likely North Korea will come out of the cold. Judging by North Korea leader Kim Jong-un’s New Year’s address to the nation on January 1st, in which he called for an improvement in relations with South Korea, it seems Chris’ analysis is already being proved right. But I doubt even he expected to see his prediction validated so soon!

You can read a summary of the whole discussion here.

Danny Finkelstein, Emily Maitlis, Chris Parry and Matthew Syed talk about what’s coming up in 2013

Looking forward to Chartwell’s last event of the year – next Tuesday we’re hosting an evening discussion at the Royal Automobile Club which will look back on 2012 and talk about the principle challenges and opportunities we should be planning for in 2013. Moderated by BBC Newsnight’s Emily Maitlis, the panel includes UK (and US) politics guru Danny Finkelstein, the geo-strategist and risk analyst Chris Parry and the sports writer and former Olympian Matthew Syed. Plus canapes and a glass of wine. Should be fun.

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