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Watch Keyu Jin, an expert speaker on the Chinese economy, discuss the future impact of China’s financial reforms

Keyu Jin speakerDr Keyu Jin, a Lecturer in the Department of Economics at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), and an advisor to the Chinese Government’s National Development and Reform Commission (NRDC) in Beijing, delivered a public lecture at the LSE to discuss the impact of China’s financial reforms.

Keyu raises some concerns that face the Chinese economy and feature strongly in the media, namely that there are signs of banking fragility, industrial production is slowly down, debt levels are rising, and property markets are adjusting downwardly. She also argues that we can’t ignore the massive capital outflows, potential loss of reserves, a major potential devaluation of the renminbi, and anaemic growth.

However, she fears that the economic data presented may be unreliable, suggesting that the situation may be even worse than it is. In her talk, Keyu aims to highlight the fundamental challenges facing the Chinese economy; the issues mentioned above may simply be symptoms are a more deep rooted problem. What will the next wave of economic reforms offer? Are there critical reforms that can maintain growth rates? Watch the video above for her insights.

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Stein Ringen, expert speaker on social and public policy, to publish “The Perfect Dictatorship: China in the 21st Century” in 2016

Stein RingenStein Ringen speaker - Photo by Ben Danner, an internationally renowned political scientist who explores the art of governance, will be publishing a book titled “The Perfect Dictatorship: China in the 21st Century”, to be released in 2016 by Hong Kong University Press. Ringen argues that the Chinese system is like no other known in history; this book explains how this system works and where it may be moving.

“A new interpretation of the Chinese party-state.” – Professor Tony Saich

By analysing the leadership of Xi Jinping, the meaning of “socialist market economy”, corruption, the party-state apparatus, the reach of the party, the mechanisms of repression, taxation and public services, and state-society relations, the book broadens the field of China studies, as well as the fields of political economy, comparative politics, development and welfare state studies.

Drawing on Chinese and international sources, on extensive collaboration with Chinese scholars, and on the political science of state analysis, Ringen concludes that “under the new leadership of Xi Jinping, the system of government has been transformed into a new regime, radically harder and more ideological than the legacy of Deng Xiaoping, and that China is less strong economically and more dictatorial politically than the world wanted to believe.”

In collaboration with the publisher, and complementing his forthcoming book, Ringen has also launched a blog – – which covers a range of topics associated with China’s emergence on the global stage.

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Leta Hong Fincher discusses the societal pressures facing young Chinese women

Leta Hong Fincher Speaker Leta Hong Fincher discusses the societal pressures facing young Chinese women

In her book “Leftover Women, The Resurgence of Gender Inequality in China” (Zed Books, 2014), award-winning journalist, Leta Hong Fincher describes the pressure for China’s “leftover women” to settle down. A recent article by Yahoo! cites her book to explain “leftover women” and their fight back as a result of organised feminist movements, and the proliferation of social media.

In her book, Fincher describes “what distinguishes mainland China is the massive state propaganda machine pushing the message that educated young women should marry and have children young, for the good of Chinese society.”

Authorities have coined the term “leftover women” to shame and scare urban professionals into settling down, and having babies. She explores what has been important steps forward in the women’s rights movement, “Word got around quickly and people were talking about the issues facing women, and sexism in China today. Again, this discussion is new. Younger women I have spoken to do feel they want more of a say over their lives.”

Regarding the new announcement that China is ending it’s one-child policy, “We are likely to see new propaganda urging urban, educated women to have two children. This may well create new pressures on women in their twenties to marry, so they can schedule in time to have two children, but it’s too early to tell.”

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LSE Lecturer Keyu Jin on the role consumers play in rebalancing China’s economy

Keyu Jin speakerSpeaking on “Bloomberg Surveillance”, London School of Economics Lecturer Keyu Jin and Larry Hatheway, chief economist at Gam Holding, talk about the role consumers play in rebalancing China’s economy and the business prospects for the UK and China.

Keyu argues that she’s wary to talk about rebalancing towards consumption, when seeing that the Chinese household share of GDP is falling from 70% to 60%, compared to other countries which stay at a constant 80%. By repressing the household, Keyu believes that it’s difficult to stimulate Chinese consumption, regardless of the expansionary policies that are being implemented.

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John Hulsman warns of the dangers of Republican China bashing

John Hulsman speakerWriting in the south SCMP, John Hulsman, expert geopolitical speaker, describes the Republican ‘China bashing’ narrative as a ‘fruitless intellectual path of least resistance’.

John believes that the Republicans are praying on Americas uneasy middleclass.  Trump, amongst others, are blaming “China” for America’s relative diminution in world power – an inevitable result of globalisation and increased economic competition.

Although this populist theory is making gains in the American electorate in the short term John warns of the dangers further down the line.  The problem with this idea, John postulates, is that it encourages Americans to believe that China are part of the problem, rather than serving as part of the solution during a time when global economic growth is ‘desperately scarce’.

John implores all ‘true American grown-ups’ to shout down this dangerous rhetoric at every opportunity, or China – US relations will become so strained that their vital cooperation needed for world growth will be in peril.

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Anil Gupta on China’s Economy

World renowned business strategist, and leading thinker on globalisation, innovation & technology, Anil Gupta addresses the current economic landscape in Asia, in a recent interview with CCTV America.

Gupta currently serves as professor at the Smith School of Business at The University of Maryland, and is a visiting professor at China’s Tsinghua University. He is the author, and co-author of several highly acclaimed books, and is an expert speaker on global economic markets – India and China specifically. He has a unique approach to conceptualising the challenges that face businesses throughout the world today, and how to imagine possible solutions.

During his interview with CCTV America, Gupta shares his insight on the current economic situation in China. He explains that the steps made by the Chinese Central Bank to stabalise the stock market and economy are not working effectively. However, he believes the cut in interest rates and reserve requirements are good, but will have a limited impact, mostly because the availability of money to lend, doesn’t mean that people are willing to borrow.

Watch Anil Gupta’s full interview here:

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