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Sir John Gieve says Britain’s latest economic policies have “echoes of the 1970s”

Sir John Gieve‘s expert analysis of PM Theresa May’s latest economic policies was quoted in The Telegraph this week: john-gieve-telegraph

“We’ve got a big shift in the style and nature of government – I thought Theresa May’s speech was quite an exceptional speech,” he said. “It was one of the first speeches I’ve heard from a Tory leader which scarcely made a nod towards lower taxation, a smaller state, deregulation, enterprise, incentives.”

Read the full article, Theresa May’s policies have ‘echoes of the 1970s’, says former Bank of England deputy Governor 

Sir John’s a regular speaker on the UK economy and his views come at a time where it’s crucial for businesses and decision-makers to understand how the new government will navigate the changes brought about by Brexit. Find out how to book Sir John as a keynote speaker at your next event or conference or get in touch for more information.




Mark Carney’s first week: Press roundup

As Mark Carney enters his first week as Governor of the Bank of England, the British Media have offered a range of opinions on the man and the challenges ahead of him.

Stephanie Flanders writing for the BBC discusses the challenges ahead but suggests he has the good fortune of taking on an economy apparently in upswing.

Harriet Dennys of the Independent is more cautious highlighting the large cost of BoE’s new governor that will doubtless add to the weight of expectation upon him.

In the FT, Robin Wigglesworth and Alice Ross give the view from the investment community as they prepare for incoming policy shifts.

The Guardian’s Aditya Chakrabortty strikes the most suspicious tone, highlighting his close links to the financial service sector and questioning if Rockstar Appointments should be the tone for such a central role.


BBC: The challenge ahead for Mark Carney- Stephanie Flanders

Telegraph: Tube-travelling BoE Governor Mark Carney to spend £250,000 housing allowance in West Hampstead – Harriet Dennys

FT: Investors calculate impact of Mark Carney policy shake-up – Robin Wigglesworth and Alice Ross

Guardian: Mark Carney is hailed as a savior – but what do we really know about him? – Aditya Chakrabortty



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