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Leading economics speaker Allister Heath steps down from City A.M.

Allister Heath, an opinionated and articulate speaker on economic affairs, has today penned his last column as Editor of the London-based newspaper City A.M. Having been with the company for six years, which has now grown to an audited print circulation of 128,781 copies per day, he has transformed the newspaper into one of the most influential voices in London’s business community.

Allister’s parting thought for readers was that Britain needs to learn to love capitalism if it is to fulfil its full potential. He believes that “far too many people object to far too many of the institutions and practices that have generated the astonishing wealth and prosperity we take for granted.”

Whilst he notes that “the international authorities are still working on plans for a completely new bankruptcy code and system for large, systemic financial institutions,” Allister calls for a cultural revolution in the UK and across the Western world, arguing that “reinjecting the fear of bankruptcy into the system is the solution: it will mean that market mechanisms will be able to start disciplining finance again, and that we will no longer need to rely as much on heavy-handed and often flawed regulations.”

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Allister Heath discusses how to tackle the UK rent crisis

Editor of City A.M, Allister Heath’s article ‘Rent controls are madness, we need to build more homes’ was published in yesterday’s Telegraph, focusing on the UK rent crisis. UK rent, as well as house prices are becoming “out of control”; in London the cost of renting is over half the average wage in two thirds of boroughs. An issue which has come to the forefront of media and political attention, Allister gives his views of what can and should be done to solve these problems.

Allister describes tentative plans for rent controls as “complete madness”, arguing that these would counteract what he believes to be the solution: “either to reduce demand or to increase supply, or both.”  Opposing measures proposed by some politicians, he  suggests that they need to focus on the causes of the crisis, rather than simply addressing higher rents which are the manifestation of this crisis. He claims that within the housing market “Liberalisation is essential.”

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Allister Heath’s blog

Since Allister Heath became editor of City A.M., the London business newspaper has developed an influential voice in the city and an audited print circulation of 100,000 copies per day. Allister’s daily blog which covers the latest news and thoughts on topics such as business strategy, finance, politics and geopolitics is an interesting and informative morning read.

Recent articles include ‘Proof, at last: The more money we earn, the happier we are‘ and ‘British public is slowly becoming more fiscally conservative‘. Click here to read Allister’s blog.

A big thankyou to Allister Heath and Julia Hobsbawm!

Julia Hobsbawm, founder of Editorial Intelligence, and City A.M. editor Allister Heath, led our breakfast discussion at the Royal Automobile Club this morning,  on how to get the UK economy moving.

Julia was fascinating on the amount of “organisational wealth” that businesses large and small can utilise to increase their productivity. Allister argued that it was up to policy makers to attempt to create a culture that encourages entrepreneurialism and risk-taking. More to follow.

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Allister Heath on EU regulations

In a new column for The Daily Telegraph, Allister Heath, editor of City AM,  sets his sights once again on the pro-European sections of Britian’s political class.

With recent news that youth unemployment in Greece and Spain is hovering at around 57%, Allister believes that now is the time that those who spent the past few years campaigning against the European Union’s economic follies should be enjoying the bittersweet smell of political vindication. Instead, in Allister’s own words, “the past few weeks have been the worst for mainstream Eurosceptics in years”. Find out why by reading his piece here.

Allister Heath on kickstarting the economy

On the 23rd of January, Chartwell will be holding a breakfast discussion at the Royal Automobile Club on the subject of getting the UK economy moving at the Royal Automobile Club. We will be joined by Julia Hobsbawm, founder of Editorial Intelligence  and the economist Allister Heath, Editor of City AM.

Earlier this week, a column by Allister on the subject was published in The Daily Telegraph. Despite being a subscriber to The Times, it was enough to make me switch allegiances (if only for 24 hours). The piece is tremendously trenchant, challenging and informative – in it, he argues for the abolition of child benefit and significantly reduced taxes for all. It’s a great taster of things to come, and you can read the article yourself by clicking here.

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