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Suneel Gupta on the 'Miyagi Moment'

Raleigh Addington
Raleigh Addington
editor at Chartwell Speakers

Suneel GuptaSuneel Gupta, former Vice President of Product Development at Groupon, has written an interesting piece on the ‘Miyagi Moment’ – a breakthrough or moment of surprise when you realise that your effort has actually paid off.

Using the classic 80s movie The Karate Kid as a backdrop, Suneel describes how there can be points in life where one feels that time and effort is being wasted, and it takes an epiphany for us to realise that we’ve actually learned something. He notes that the problem lies in the fact that we expect learning to be linear – “when we invest 10 hours of effort into learning a new programming language, we expect to feel 10 hours smarter. In reality, we could actually feel less smart than before we started.”

Click here to read about why this is so, and how we can experience more of these ‘Miyagi Moments’.


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Suneel Gupta
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