Speakers In The News 29th September 2017

Raleigh Addington
Raleigh Addington
editor at Chartwell Speakers

Chartwell Speakers have been featuring in the news this week. See our ‘Top Ten’ picks below. If you are interested in booking a speaker please contact us here

      1. Ian Bremmer

     2. John Negroponte

  • John Negroponte is an American diplomat and former US Secretary of State.
  • This week John was featured on The BBC’s Today Programme (26th Sept), warning against ‘hot rhetoric’ between North Korea and the US.

     3. Rohan Silva

  • Rohan Silva acted as senior policy advisor to David Cameron (2010 – 13) and is co-founder of collaborative workspace ‘Second Home’.
  • Rohan secured £10 million funding boost for ‘Second Home’ this week, amid soaring international demand from multinationals and technology start-ups. The business, which operates from sites including one in London’s Shoreditch, is in the process of opening another three sites in the capital.

     4. Gerard Lyons

    5. Emma Bridgewater

  • Emma Bridgewater is founder of the UK’s favourite pottery company, Emma Bridgewater.
  • This week, Emma returned to the Potteries in her hometown of Stoke-on-Trent ahead of major international festival, the British Ceramics Biennial. Speaking on the city’s chances of winning UK City of Culture 2021, she said ’I hope we get it. I think we really deserve it.’’

   6. JB Straubel

  • JB Straubel is currently the Chief Technical Officer (CTO) and party of the founding team at Tesla Motors Inc.
  • JB Straubel gave a presentation at FSTEC, the industry’s biggest food tech conference, this week to announce Tesla’s plans to attach convenience stores to some of their Supercharger stations across the US.


 7. Merryn Somerset Webb

  • Merryn Somerset Webb is Editor-in-Chief of MoneyWeek and a respected commentator on economics, financial markets and personal finance.
  • Merryn’s latest article for MoneyWeek offered wisdom on workplace pensions and why they need to be better understood.

   8. Jim O’Neill

  • Jim O’Neill is the former Commercial Secretary to the Treasury (2015 – 16) and former Chief Economist at Goldman Sachs.
  • Jim wrote an article for The Evening Standard that questioned whether The Bank of England is better off after 20 years of independence.      

   9Ed Stafford

  • Ed Stafford is the Guinness World Record-holding first man to walk the Amazon.
  • Ed’s new show ‘left for dead’ sees him dropped into a remote location each episode, with up to 10 days to get out alive. This week Ed battled through harsh weather in the Mongolian mountains.

   10. Michelle Partington

  • Michelle Partington was the first female to work on the frontline with the RAF, serving as a medical support officer through three tours to Afghanistan. Her experiences left her with severe post-traumatic stress disorder.
  • Michelle competed in rowing and power lifting events at the Invictus Games this week, which are for injured military veterans from all over the world. ITV reported that her recovery was largely down to the event.


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