Speakers in the news 23rd February

Raleigh Addington
Raleigh Addington
editor at Chartwell Speakers

1) Cameron Colquhoun

  • As the Managing Director and founder of Neon Century Intelligence, Cameron Colquhoun is at the forefront of a new generation of leaders in the technology and security space. Until moving into the private sector, Cameron managed cyber and terrorism operations for British Intelligence, working closely with the Cabinet Office, briefing Ambassadors and ministers as well as operational tours of the Middle East.
  • Cameron Colquhoun was a guest on this week’s Little Atoms show. The discussion covered, how long Britain could survive without the internet, examining what might constitute a modern version of the London blitz in the event of a modern war, and asking how long Government can retain the ability to authenticate information. Cameron says he chooses to accept that “everything is true” recognising that data and evidence can be used to fit any argument you want to make.When it comes to the ongoing dissection of Brexit and the rise of Donald Trump, he talks about the incredible rise of psychographic profiles which enable companies like Cambridge Analytica to identify around 5,000 data points per swing voter, which in an election with only a few hundred thousand voters makes the manipulation of emotion more of a science than the art form it has been perceived to be by the political classes.

2) Angela Rye

  • Angela Rye is a leading political strategist and advocate for social change. A political commentator, champion for civil rights, lawyer, and entrepreneur. She is committed to ensuring positive change in the political process by building relationships for corporations, unions, non-profits, and elected officials. She has offered on-air commentary and other features for CNN, BET, HBO, MSNBC, C-SPAN, SiriusXM, Marie ClaireThe Washington PostFortuneThe Today ShowNBC Nightly NewsReal Time with Bill Maher, and TV-ONE.

  • Angela Rye spoke to Cal State San Bernardino student organizers last Saturday about the importance of “staying conscious” in the midst of political turmoil. She told over a hundred students that attended the Social Justice Summit at the university that they could use the concept of power to do good for their communities.“It’s very important for us to feel and understand the importance of having the ability to achieve purpose,” she told the crowd. “We’ve been conditioned in our minds, black and brown people, to not trust each other because we ‘steal’, because we’re ‘hustlers.’ That could be further from the truth.”
  • Following this weeks’ horrific school shooting in Parkland, Florida, Angela took part in a heated gun control debate with HLN host S.E Cupp. The debate aired on CNN shortly after President Trump’s roundtable discussion with some of the mass shooting survivors.

3) John Hulsman

  • Dr. John Hulsman is a former Washington DC insider now based in England, where he runs a leading political risk consulting firm ( concentrating on game-changing foreign and macro-economic policy issues that will determine the fate of the challenging new era of multiple great powers that we live in for business, investors and governments alike.
  • This week, John announced the release of his new book – ‘To Dare More Boldly’. The book tells the story of the rise of political risk analysis, both as a discipline and a lucrative high-stakes industry that guides the strategic decisions of corporations and governments around the world. It assesses why recent predictions have gone so wrong and boldly puts forward ten analytical commandments that can stand the test of time.s, this incisive book derives these indelible rules of the game from a wide-ranging and entertaining survey of world history. He looks at examples as seemingly unconnected as the ancient Greeks and Romans, the Third Crusade, the Italian Renaissance, America’s founders, Napoleon, the Battle of Gettysburg, the British Empire, the Kaiser’s Germany, the breakup of the Beatles, Charles Manson, and Deng Xiaoping’s China. Hulsman makes sense of yesterday’s world, and in doing so provides an invaluable conceptual toolkit for navigating today’s. To Dare More Boldly creatively explains why political risk analysis is vital for business and political leaders alike, and authoritatively establishes the analytical rules of thumb that practitioners need to do it effectively.

4) Emily Maitlis

  • Emily Maitlis is one of the best known faces on BBC News and Current Affairs. She is a regular presenter and former Political Editor of ‘Newsnight’ on BBC2 – winner of the Royal Television Society Programme of the Year – the news bulletins on BBC1 and rolling news coverage on News 24. Emily also works alongside David Dimbleby on the election coverage specials each year.
  • This week Emily reported on her time at a Las Vegas Chippendales show, where male strippers simulate sex and are pawed at on stage. Writing in The Times, Emily says we have come far enough in the Me Too movement to recognise the questions we would ask of women in this profession. We would wonder about coercion and abuse. We would ask whether the simulated sex dance was a precurser — foreplay if you like — to prostitution. When Emily asked one of ‘The Chippendales’ if he felt objectified, he replied ‘No, because I’m participating. I feel like I’m being admired for my physicality. Objectification means someone’s reducing you against your will. This is not against my will. You could have guys with great physiques and great personalities that would have a hard time with this or would feel minimalised or objectified by this and I’d say, ‘Then this is not the job for you.’ ”

5) Ian Birrell

  • Ian Birrell is the Foreign Reporter of the Year (2015) and Columnist of the Year (2015) at the British Press Awards – a unique double win reflecting his unusual range of journalism, informed by his wide experiences and reporting on the ground.He is a contributing editor of The Mail on Sunday as foreign reporter and political commentator. He has a weekly column in the ‘i’ paper and also writes for many other outlets including The Wall Street Journal, The Daily Mail, The Observer, The Daily Telegraph, The Guardian, The Times, The Sun, The Spectator and Mosaic.
  • The first medical marijuana dispensaries in Pennsylvania have opened their doors over the past few days. Thousands of patients with serious medical conditions have registered to access the drug, which comes in oils, patches and vaporisers, rather than smokable leaf form. The historic first purchase in the state was by Diana Briggs, the mother of a teenage son with severe epilepsy. “I am beyond thrilled,” she said. “There’s no more fear, no more stress for our family.” Ian argues that to same dispensaries should be available in Britain for people with this disease: ‘it is callous and morally confused to stop patients accessing a cheap, safe and readily available drug that could improve life so dramatically.’