Speakers in the news 20th October

Raleigh Addington
Raleigh Addington
editor at Chartwell Speakers

1) Matt Ridley 

  • Matt Ridley is the author of provocative books on evolution, genetics and society. He argues that human beings’ ability to connect, collaborate and co-operate gives our species an often underestimated capacity for change and social progress.
  • Technology and science magazine, Singularity Hub, interviewed Matt this week. He argued that that human achievement and intelligence are entirely “networking phenomena.” In other words, intelligence is collective and emergent as opposed to individual.

2) Ian Birrell 

  • He is a contributing editor of The Mail on Sunday as foreign reporter and political commentator. He has a weekly column in the ‘i’ paper and also writes for many other outlets including The Wall Street Journal, The Daily Mail, The Observer, The Daily Telegraph, The Guardian, The Times, The Sun, The Spectator and Mosaic.
  • Ian argued this week that the solution to overcrowding and unnecessary deaths in prison is to ‘’stop locking people up’’. He explained, ‘’short sentences especially are pointless since they achieve almost nothing except for disrupting any family or job stability. Recidivism rates actually rise among those serving less than 12 months.”

3) Kris Hallenga

  • Kris is Founder of award-winning cancer awareness Charity – CoppaFeel!, having been diagnosed with breast cancer herself in 2009. She is winner of Pride of Britain Award, Cosmopolitan Ultimate Campaigner Award and Outstanding Young Campaigner Award at the DFS Woman of the Year awards.
  • This week Kris revealed a new ad this week encouraging women to check their breasts. Good Morning Britain showed a nipple on daytime TV for the first time with the CoppaFeel! advert.

4) Dan Hannan

  • Daniel Hannan is a writer, broadcaster and Conservative politician. An MEP since 1999, he finally succeeded in abolishing his job in the Brexit referendum of June 2016. He has spoken and lectured all over Europe and the United States, and writes columns in the Washington Examiner, Daily Telegraph and Daily Mail.
  • Dan wrote an interesting article this week, called ‘How to anger a feminist: Criticize Harvey Weinstein the wrong way. The article argued that it was dehumanising, as well as futile, to demand that men see femininity in abstract terms, rather than through the prism of the women closest to them.

5) Leta Hong Fincher


6) Mo Farah

  • Mo Farah CBE treated Britain to a great finale on ‘Super Saturday’ at the London 2012 Olympic Games, taking gold in the 10,000m. A few days later he followed up with another gold medal in the 5,000m to take the historic ‘double’, becoming the first athlete EVER to do this on home soil.
  • It was announced this week that Mo Farah will join runners for the Great Manchester Run 2017.

7) John Sawers

  • Sir John Sawers GCMG is the former chief of the British Secret Intelligence Service (SIS, also known as MI6).
  • John suggested this week that Brexit may not happen as he warned leaving EU could reduce the UK’s diplomatic power.

8) Kathryn Parsons 

  • Kathryn Parsons is co-founder and CEO of Decoded, a technology education company founded in East London in 2011, which launched with the promise to teach anyone Code in a Day.
  • Kathryn was interviewed this week by Investec. When asked, ‘Whats the best thing anyone’s ever done for you?’ she answered, ”There have been so many, small and large. People who come to work for me and wow me all the time. Others who invested money and time in the business. When you see someone as passionate about your vision as you are, it’s inspiring”.

9) JB Straubel 

  • JB Straubel is currently the Chief Technical Officer (CTO) and part of the founding team at Tesla Motors Inc. where he oversees the technical and engineering design of the vehicles. JB also has responsibility for new technology evaluation, R&D, technical diligence review of key vendors and partners, IP, and systems validation testing.
  • JB talked this week about Tesla’s ‘secret second factory floor’ and vertical integration.

10) Janet Mock

  • Janet Mock is a writer, TV host and advocate whose memoir, Redefining Realness, broke ground as the first biography written from the perspective of a trans girl. It debuted on the New York Times bestsellers list in 2014.
  • Janet wrote an interesting article this week about why she celebrates and stands by Reina Gossett, an activist fellow at Barnard College’s Centre for Research on Women. Janet wrote that it was through Gossett’s digital archives Tumblr and Vimeo where she met super heroines, whom she didn’t have access to growing up. Her archive was free, accessible, and deeply informative, and it introduced her to her radical, resistant roots. She gave her access to know her forebears more deeply: a selfless and revolutionary act.


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