Zena Everett Keynote Speaker

  • International Leadership Coach and Speaker on Productivity/Time Management
  • Author of "Mind Flip: Take the Fear out of Your Career" and "The Crazy Busy Cure" (July 2021)
  • Associate at Cranfield and Henley Business Schools. Coached on the Executive MBA at Oxford University’s Saïd Business School

Zena Everett's Biography

Zena Everett is an international leadership coach and sought-after speaker on leadership and organisational productivity.  Productivity isn’t about working more hours; it’s about having a laser focus on the tasks that matter then executing them without distraction. Zena delivers a range of masterclasses and keynotes on the subject.

Zena has introduced the concept of the Lawn Mower Leader who clears the path to productivity.  How many of your managers clear complexity rather than add to it?  If your teams say they have so much to do that they can’t get anything done, then book Zena to cure their crazy busyness and make them happier and more productive.

Crazy Busy is an engaging, highly interactive talk that will blow up the roadblocks to personal and team productivity.  After it, your schedule will reflect your values and priorities and your time will be focused on tasks that move the needle.  Crazy Busy is crammed with practical solutions and new models and ideas to accelerate workflow, boost team communication, cluster distractions, manage curveballs, track meeting efficiency, stop ‘switch-tasking’ (what you thought was multi-tasking) and focus your attention.  You’ll become like a lion, and only chase high value antelopes, not low value ‘fieldmice’ activities like emails and meetings.  Suitable for all, including leaders, perfectionists and procrastinators.

Zena is the author of ‘The Crazy Busy Cure: A productivity book for people with no time for productivity books’ (July 2021). This book is for anyone battling with feeling busy, overwhelmed and unproductive. She provides readers with practical tips to help focus, fight distractions and to find more head space.

Speaking Topics:

  • Crazy Busy: How to do your work in less time
  • Crazy Busy for Leaders: How to clear the path to productivity
  • How to do Hybrid Masterclass: Optimising Time, Talent & Energy
  • Virtual Working: Keeping Productive and Energised
  • Virtual Working: How to lead energised and productive teams
  • Showing Up as a Virtual Leader
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Videos of Zena Everett

Lessons from Einstein on Time Management and Anxiety
Lessons from Einstein on Time Management and Anxiety
Manage your time, control distractions, prioritise and focus
Manage your time, control distractions, prioritise and focus

Books by Zena Everett

Zena Everett book cover
The Crazy Busy Cure: A productivity book for people with no time for productivity books (2021)

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