Zena Everett U.K.

  • Author of “Crazy Busy” and “Mind Flip: Reinvent Your Future”
  • International Executive Coach on the MBA programme at Oxford’s Saïd Business School
  • Organisational Psychologist and Cognitive Behavioural Coach


Confidence at Work
Confidence at Work
Mind Flip
Mind Flip


Zena Everett is an international executive coach and sought-after speaker on productivity with her Crazy Busy™ and Crazy Busy for Leaders™ sessions. She is an executive coach on the Executive MBA programme at Oxford University’s Saïd Business School and a speaker for the London Business Forum: ‘the world’s leading speakers in London’s most iconic venues.’  Having started, run and sold a recruitment business, been to business school,  then retrained as an Organisational Psychologist and Cognitive Behavioural Coach, Zena combines entrepreneurial flair, commercial nous and psychological understanding with extremely practical interventions to help you get more done.

Zena is author of Mind Flip: Reinvent Your Future and Crazy Busy.

Crazy Busy ™ is an engaging, highly interactive session that will blow up the road-blocks to personal and team productivity. Sessions will leave audiences with techniques to address the following:

  • Plan priority career-enhancing tasks – your ‘antelopes’
  • Say no to constant interrupters and corridor kidnappers:  sorry, you haven’t got five minutes!
  • Control the distraction of multiple digital channels, switching off distraction notifications so you can focus
  • Manage the demands of multiple stakeholders and clients
  • Quit procrastinating
  • Quit attempting to multi-task
  • Quit trying to be perfect and please everyone
  • Manage upwards in a career-enhancing way
  • Control your in-box and spend less time in waffling, agenda-less internal meetings
  • Manage the boundary between your professional and personal lives
  • Build in vital reflection/post-mortem time, proven to improve productivity
  • Build in more structure and rituals so your work doesn’t depend on your mood
  • Get your real work done.
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