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Yves Rossy

speaker location icon Switzerland

Swiss pilot, inventor and aviation expert

First person to achieve sustained human flight using a jetpowered fixed wing (2006)

Known as Jetman or Airman for his unique style in the air

Yves Rossy is a modern pioneer in the art of flying, constantly defying gravity with his jet pack. His most famous invention, an innovative back pack with jet-powered wings, could be the first step towards human flying as a mainstream mode of transport.

Yves used it for the first time in 2006, staying in the air for approximately six minutes. Two years later Yves and his flying mechanism flew across the Channel in only nine minutes. He also flew over the Alps. In 2011 he crossed the Grand Canyon. The Federal Aviation Administration of the US allowed him to fly only after his jet wing was classified as an aircraft.

Yves is a veteran pilot of the Swiss Air Force, and has thousands of hours in the air with several fighter aircrafts under his belt. He has also worked for commercial airlines, most notably for Swissair. His achievements and courage have inspired many people across the world to learn about flying and aviation.

Yves has featured on the History Channel’s documentary Stan Lee’s Superhumans and he is an experienced speaker on the challenge of surpassing the human limits.

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Our Comment

"A modern Prometheus of the skies, Yves has brought a revolution in the art of flying with his innovative jet pack. He combines the courage of pioneer pilots such as Antoine Saint-Exupery with the creativity of visionaries such as the Wright brothers."

TEDtalk: Fly with the Jetman (2011)

[youtube http://www.ted.com/talks/yves_rossy_fly_with_the_jetman]

On flying through the Grand Canyon (2011)

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