Xuewu Gu Keynote Speaker

  • Expert on the social, economic and political ambitions of contemporary China
  • Chair in International Relations and Director of Center for Global Studies (2009-present)
  • Founding Director, Institute for International Studies and Public Affairs, Tongji University in Shanghai (2008-2016)

Xuewu Gu's Biography

Prof. Dr. Xuewu Gu is Chair of International Relations and Director of the Center for Global Studies at the University of Bonn. He is also the Founding Director of the Institute for International Studies and Public Affairs at Tongji University in Shanghai (2008-2016), and since 2009 has been Honorary Professor of the Postgraduate School of Economics and International Relations at the Catholic University of Sacro Cuore in Italy.

In 1998 Xuewu Gu became Professor at the University of Trier, and in August 1999 he joined the Centre for European Integration Studies at the University of Bonn as head of the Asia-Europe programme. From 2002-09 Professor Gu was also Chair of East Asian Politics and Director of the Institute of East Asian Politics at the University of Bochum. So far he is the only German professor of Chinese origin in the field of Political Science and International Relations.

Professor Xuewu Gu is the Founding Chairman of the Society of Chinese Professors in Germany (2006-2019) and its Honorary Chairman since 2019, a member of the German Council on Foreign Relations and the German Society for Political Science.

Speaking Topics include

  • Will China really rule the world?
  • How stable is China today?
  • Is war between China and the United States inevitable?

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Videos of Xuewu Gu

From imitator to innovator: Will China become a
From imitator to innovator: Will China become a "knowledge power"? (2013; in German)
The Great Wall in the Minds (2014; in German)
The Great Wall in the Minds (2014; in German)
Die Große Mauer in den Köpfen
Die Große Mauer in den Köpfen

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