William Webb Keynote Speaker

  • World expert on wireless communication
  • CEO of Weightless SIG
  • President of Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET)

William Webb's Biography

Professor William Webb is the CEO of Weightless SIG and a pioneer in automated computer networking. As one of the youngest presidents of the Institute of Engineering and Technology William’s work is at the forefront of the digital movement and his inventions have changed the face of mobile technology globally.

After gaining both a PhD and a MBA from Southampton University, William went on to be the Director of Technology at Ofcom before establishing the Weightless SIG. William has written 13 books on technology and lectures internationally about the opportunities Weightless SIG offers. William has also been Director of Corporate Strategy at Motorola and worked for a number of high level consulting companies.

William’s achievements are highly acclaimed by both his peers and the press. He was elected as one of the youngest ever Fellows of the Royal Academy of Engineering, a select group of the top engineers in the UK, whilst also being a judge at the Wall Street Journal Innovation Awards.

William continues to be an authority on the constant changes to the technology industry and his views shape how it will progress in the future.

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Videos of William Webb

From the iPhone to the iET (2014)
From the iPhone to the iET (2014)
Professor William Webb on Ofcom (2012)
Professor William Webb on Ofcom (2012)

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