Wenran Jiang Keynote Speaker

  • Expert on China and the global economy, and Chinese energy policy
  • Special Advisor on China to the US and Canada-based Energy Council
  • In close contact with the executive circle in China as part of his research
Wenran Jiang speaker

Wenran Jiang's Biography

Dr. Wenran Jiang is Director of the Canada-China Energy and Environment Forum, and has headed its annual conference since 2004. His specialist expertise lies in the impact of China upon the global economy with a particular research focus on Chinese energy policy and relations with the North American and African continents.

Dr. Jiang is also currently a Special Advisor to the Alberta Department of Energy on Asian market diversification, a Senior Fellow of the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada, Special Advisor on China to the US and Canada based Energy Council, and President of Wenya Group Inc.

From 2008-11 he served as the Mactaggart Research Chair of the China Institute at the University of Alberta, continuing from his work 2005-08 as the Founding Director of the University’s Department of Political Science.

Dr. Jiang’s is a regular visitor to China and emerging markets, conducting first hand field research. From this base he has written extensively on the rise of China and its impact on political economy, both domestic and international.

Dr. Jiang has advised government agencies, private companies in energy, mining, forestry and agricultural sectors on Asian market access and how to engage China. He is currently completing a book on energy security and Chinese foreign policy.

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Videos of Wenran Jiang

China's environmental issues in a global context (2012)
China's environmental issues in a global context (2012)
Key to Sustainable Future for Canada's Energy Sector (2010)
Key to Sustainable Future for Canada's Energy Sector (2010)

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