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vinita ramtri speaker

Vinita Ramtri

speaker location icon London

Author of "C-Tunes: How to Keep up with Conduct in the Post-Crisis World"

Focuses on Failure, Resilience and Diversity

Inspirational and Motivational Keynote Speaker

Vinita Ramtri is the Head of Controls Automation position at a large British bank. She is an author and a prolific blogger who constantly provokes thought on issues that matter. She is also a coach and a single mother, and regularly speaks at events in and outside the UK.

What sets Vinita apart is that she only holds a humble Bachelors Degree from the Delhi University as her primary qualification and was in fact married by the age of 22 and a mother by the time she was 25. But she doesn’t let perceptions get in the way of her self worth and believes in lifelong learning. Understanding deeply the power and potential of on going self-development, Vinita is determined to take her place in this world and encourage everyone to do so.

Having switched four careers due to family priorities, Vinita is resilient and able to take challenges head on, occasionally even stirring up discomfort for herself in small doses.

In 2012, Vinita filed for divorce and simultaneously relocated from Edinburgh to London while also making a career switch from Media to Financial services. In her own words, ‘for your deepest fears to come true can be a gift of sorts. You wake up to realise that the sun still shines on you and the only way is forward.’

In 2015, she broke new ground publishing a book on financial conduct, in the heat of the financial fines, covering constructive and sustainable ways to address the issues at hand: “C-Tunes: How To Keep Up With Conduct In The Post-Crisis World.” Some say it was a book before its time, as she alerted on non-viable strategies and upcoming threats, which have crystallized between then and now.

As such she handles her multiple diverse interests with relative flair and in 2018 she featured on TV with Davina McCall where her cortisol levels were tested and the key question was, “why does stress not stress you out?”

Relentless in her passion to see more people live wholeheartedly, she regularly takes on issues such as diversity, ageism, taking control of your finances, the stigma associated with being single, reluctance to personal branding, upper limit problems, the fear of missing out, single parenting, the need for social approval, fear of failure, organisational silos and restrained cultures and so on. Bold yet vulnerable, she inspires you to push beyond your beliefs, harnessing your emotion to work with you and for you.

C-Tunes: How To Keep Up With Conduct In The Post-Crisis World


The financial crisis of 2008 world has left trust at an all-time low. Firms have undergone constant battering and as morale takes a hit, no one wants to hear more about correcting behaviour.

In rushed efforts to put things right and burning desires never to err again, are we guilty of tuning people out? Is it possible to be right all the time or are we tipping from one extreme to the other?

We believe in good conduct – but is our belief strong enough that we care to fix it the right way? Or having inherited shame, we choose to pass on dystopia?

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