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  • Leadership in Government Digital Transformation
  • Key Ministerial Roles in NSW Government
  • Legal and Regulatory Expertise

Victor Dominello's Biography

Victor Dominello, an influential figure in Australian politics, stands out as a forward-thinking and dynamic speaker. Renowned for his expertise in public administration, technology, and community service, Dominello is a sought-after speaker on these topics. His career is marked by significant contributions to public service and innovation, particularly in the realm of digital transformation in government.

Educated at the prestigious University of Sydney, Dominello holds a Bachelor of Economics and a Bachelor of Laws. This strong educational foundation laid the groundwork for his remarkable career. Dominello first made his mark in law, practicing as a solicitor, which gave him a deep understanding of the legal and regulatory frameworks that underpin governance and business.

Entering politics, Dominello quickly rose through the ranks, showcasing his leadership and strategic thinking. He has held multiple key positions within the New South Wales government, including the Minister for Customer Service and the Minister for Digital. In these roles, he has championed the use of technology to streamline government services, making them more accessible and efficient for the public.

Dominello’s notable achievements include spearheading the digital transformation of government services in New South Wales. He has been instrumental in the introduction of innovative digital solutions like the Service NSW app, which revolutionized how residents interact with government services. His efforts have significantly improved customer experiences and set a benchmark for digital governance.

Apart from his professional accomplishments, Dominello is deeply committed to community service. He has been involved in various initiatives and programs aimed at supporting local communities, emphasizing the importance of civic engagement and public participation in governance.

Victor Dominello’s blend of legal expertise, political acumen, and a pioneering spirit in digital innovation makes him an expert in his field. His contributions to public service and digital governance are not only commendable but also serve as a blueprint for modernizing government operations in the digital era.

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