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Veronica Amarelle Keynote Speaker

  • Personal Performance Coach and Well-being Specialist
  • Level 5 reflexologist, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) master and Energetic NLP practitioner
  • Expert on stress, mental health, well-being, resilience and personal wellness

Veronica Amarelle's Biography

Veronica Amarelle is a Personal Performance Coach and Well-being Specialist. Having been in the industry for 15 years, her wealth of knowledge and past record in supporting others is exceptional. She is a popular speaker on topics such as mental health, well-being, resilience and reflexology.

As well as working with clients on a 1-1 basis, Veronica has previously hosted meditation groups, reflexology workshops, trained energy healers and hosted numerous workshops and classes for PR events, festivals and corporate wellness events.

Veronica is qualified as a level 5 reflexologist, specialised in spinal reflexology and pregnancy reflexology, a massage therapist, Reiki master/teacher, NLP master, Energetic NLP practitioner and Personal Performance Coach.

Her former business Healed Soles was a huge success as Veronica offered a multitude of healing services and was chosen as one of the top 5 reflexologists in London by The London Magazine. Since then she is focusing more on personal development and coaching and has developed numerous online courses including The Emotional Empowerment course and her Advanced Coaching Program.

Her specialities include:

  • Emotional healing – helping people to recover from severe stress and anxiety.
  • Energy healing – resolving mind-set limitations, empowering goals and dreams, enhancing self-confidence.
  • Lifestyle Alignment – supporting people through practical planning to create a life that is fulfilling, purposeful and conducive to mental and emotional wellness.

Veronica currently leads the online community Elevation Hub which aims at promoting an empowering mind-set, facilitates emotional healing and creates a support network for all members.

Her wealth of knowledge and practices have enabled her to provide a holistic approach to healing and supporting others in their mental health, emotional wellbeing, physical wellness and personal performance.

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Veronica Amarelle's Speaking Topics

Pressing the right buttons: DIY Reflexology, for self-healing and personal wellness.

Kick stress & anxiety to the curb: An experiential journey through powerful exercises of meditation, personal development and energy healing to alleviate tension in the body and leave you feeling light, bright, and mentally clearer.

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Videos of Veronica Amarelle

Yahoo UK | Lunchtime Lessons - Reflexology - Veronica Amarelle
Yahoo UK | Lunchtime Lessons - Reflexology - Veronica Amarelle
Yahoo UK | Lunchtime Lessons - Meditation - Veronica Amarelle
Yahoo UK | Lunchtime Lessons - Meditation - Veronica Amarelle
Wednesday Night Healing Group Session 1
Wednesday Night Healing Group Session 1
Veronica Amarelle | Breathing & Meditation Tips To Self Soothe Anxiety
Veronica Amarelle | Breathing & Meditation Tips To Self Soothe Anxiety

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