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Troed Troedson speaker

Troed Troedson

speaker location icon Eslöv, Sweden

Experienced future analyst for businesses and organisations

Founder and Director, Paradigm Brokers (1997-present)

Author, "Don't Panic" (2006)

Troed Troedson has over 15 years’ experience as a future analyst, helping the majority of Sweden’s big companies and organisations with analytical models and scenarios for the future. He believes that we are entering an era where everybody knows everything, and that future competition will source from innovation and who can move fastest into new areas, rather than being the best at the old.

Between 1988 to 1997 Troed held several managerial positions at the City of Helsingborg; he was Head of Development during his last three years there. In that capacity he worked in creating a competitive private market with what used to be public monopolies. He was also in charge of building infrastructure for information technology, including the establishment of Europe’s first commercial urban network and one of the world’s most advanced virtual-reality laboratory.

In 1997 Troed founded Paradigmmäklarna (Paradigmbrokers), a consultancy firm that has worked as strategic partners, educators and lecturers within most Swedish and international organisations and companies. Some of those are: Atlas Copco, Ericsson, H&M, Ikea, Saab, The Swedish government, The Swedish Golf Association, The International Red Cross, The Scottish Golf Union, Club Managers Association of America.

Troed is the co-owner and columnist of the digital magazine Gränsbrytning (2012-present) – monitoring and analysis of a changing society. He is also the author of “Polarization: On Why Success Increasingly Depends on the Approach” (Paradigmmäklarna, 2013), “Don’t Panic: Or Why the World No Longer Looks Like Your World” (Paradigmmäklarna, 2006), and “Small Tufts and Abound: A Little Book of Turning a Good Idea into a Good IT Project  (Paradigmmäklarna, 2004).

Our Comment

"One of Sweden's most interesting speakers and thinkers, Troed is full of insight into how the world functions. An expert on organisational and business development, and a noted lecturer on the changing of the Paradigm, he tells his audience to "be open to new information, dare to leave the house, and prepare for rapid change.""

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