Tom Clark Keynote Speaker

  • High-performance Coach to Formula 1 Driver Esteban Ocon
  • Expert in Physical & Mental Conditioning for Elite Motorsports Athletes
  • Speaker on Peak Performance Strategies & Mental Resilience

Tom Clark's Biography

Tom Clark, the esteemed Head of Performance for Alpine’s F1 driver, Esteban Ocon, stands as a testament to the pivotal role of science and innovation in the competitive world of motorsport. With a career deeply rooted in a childhood passion for racing and a solid educational foundation with an MSc in Sport and Exercise Science, Clark has become an indispensable asset in the Formula 1 circuit. Speaking on topics such as the science of motorsport performance, the challenges of managing athletes’ physiological needs in high-stakes environments, and innovative approaches to overcoming jet lag and optimizing circadian rhythms, he engages audiences with his depth of knowledge and experience.

Currently based in the fast-paced environment of Formula 1, Clark’s role encompasses a broad spectrum of responsibilities, from orchestrating pre- and mid-season training camps to fine-tuning Esteban Ocon’s performance for every Grand Prix. His hands-on approach and dedication to exploring new areas for marginal gains have positioned him as a leading figure in performance science within motorsport.

Tom’s journey in the field began with his competitive go-karting days, which laid the groundwork for his career. His transition from a young enthusiast to a professional in motorsport performance was marked by his tenure at a specialized private gym that catered to motorsport athletes, where he began to build his professional network. His work caught the attention of Hintsa Performance, a top-tier performance consultancy in Formula 1, setting the stage for his current role with Alpine.

In his fifth year with Formula 1, Tom’s research and practical application of performance science, especially regarding human circadian rhythms and the mitigation of jet lag, have garnered recognition. His doctoral studies focus on these areas, highlighting the unique challenges faced by elite athletes in sports with demanding travel schedules. Clark’s innovative work not only benefits Esteban Ocon but also has broader implications for performance science in elite sports globally.

As Tom Clark continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible in performance science and motorsport, his contributions are paving the way for new standards of excellence. His commitment to excellence and innovation in the field of motorsport performance science underscores the critical role of dedicated professionals like him in the success of teams and athletes on the global stage.

His ability to articulate complex performance science concepts in an engaging and accessible manner has established him as a highly sought-after speaker in the world of motorsport and beyond. His presentations, rich with insights drawn from his cutting-edge research and hands-on experience in Formula 1, captivate audiences ranging from sports professionals to enthusiasts. Clark’s expertise, particularly in the challenges of managing physiological performance under the extreme conditions of elite motorsport, along with his innovative strategies for overcoming jet lag and optimizing athletes’ circadian rhythms, make his speaking engagements not only informative but also transformative. Through his talks, Tom Clark shares valuable lessons that extend beyond the racetrack, inspiring professionals across various fields to explore new frontiers in performance optimization and well-being.

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