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Toby Ouvry

Toby Ouvry

speaker location icon Singapore

Expert speaker on how mindfulness can deliver more harmonious and productive business practices

Helps organisations and individuals harness the power of stress, improve focus and develop resilience

Former Buddhist monk drawing on wisdom traditions and cutting-edge practice in psychology and neuropsychology

Toby Ouvry is a former Buddhist monk and mindfulness coach, he currently facilitates the mindfulness program for the MBA’s & some executive courses at the INSEAD School of Business, Singapore campus.

Toby Ouvry helps individuals and companies perform at their highest level in increasingly competitive and challenging working environments. He speaks on mindfulness and delivers organisational training for companies that wish to create more harmonious and productive business practices. Toby Ouvry draws on the world’s great wisdom traditions and cutting-edge practice in psychology and neuropsychology, but frames them squarely for real-world, practical business needs. He delivers mindfulness programmes to corporates, government organisations and SMEs in Singapore and Asia, and travels regularly to the UK. Under Toby Ouvry’s expert guidance, individuals and teams learn how to create environments that will encourage all team members to do their best work. The goal is always to achieve a win-win relationship between professional effectiveness and personal happiness.

Mindfulness is a form of personal development training that enhances physical and mental performance, focus, memory and cognition as well as reducing stress, and improving task-focus.

Backed by an increasing amount of scientific evidence, mindfulness training can be tailored to deliver a variety of business aims. With over fifteen years’ training and speaking experience, Toby can deliver a range of programmes according to business need. Toby Ouvry’s insights can be delivered either as a keynote or as an interactive programme. Popular themes include:

Peak performance for the mind

The perfect overview of the mindfulness discipline. Equips teams with the resources to thrive and succeed in a challenging business climate.

Harnessing the power of stress

Toby Ouvry delivers a specific programme on how to harness the power of stress for constructive ends. Teams will learn how to transform negative stress and emotion into positive energy for success. They will also learn how to reduce unhelpful stress levels.

Improving focus

How to achieve an optimally-functioning mind and brain. Offers specific techniques and strategies to improve clarity of thought, confidence, balance and performance.

Mindfulness for marketing and sales professionals

Toby Ouvry can deliver a keynote or teaching programme specifically tailored to the needs of those in sales and marketing roles. Key learnings include listening to and taking the perspective of others; thinking clearly and creatively; increasing motivation; processing psychological barriers to effective sales and marketing practice.

Resilience for leadership, management and employee teams

The social sciences show that resilience is one of the greatest predictors of individual and organisational success. Moreover, resilient leaders, managers and employees are less likely to fall ill or to leave their jobs. Mindfulness is a hugely valuable tool in developing resilience to setbacks and challenges.


Toby has recently completed a series of talks and workshops called Mindfulness Power, and we highly recommend it. This series can be found on Toby’s website, Integral Meditation Asia, a superb resource on the practice and value of meditation.

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