Tobias Feakin Keynote Speaker

  • Ambassador for Cyber Affairs
  • Holds an Honors degree in Security Studies and a Doctorate of Philosophy in International Politics and Security Studies
  • Played a Pivotal role at ASPI; he was instrumental in establishing their International Cyber Policy Centre

Tobias Feakin's Biography

Dr. Tobias Feakin, an esteemed figure in the industry of international cyber affairs, has distinguished himself as Australia’s inaugural Ambassador for Cyber Affairs. In this pioneering role, he spearheaded Australia’s comprehensive international engagement strategy, focusing on enhancing and safeguarding the nation’s interests across various domains – national security, foreign policy, economic and trade relations, and development initiatives in the internet and cyberspace sectors.

Prior to his ambassadorial appointment, Dr. Feakin was instrumental in shaping Australia’s cyber landscape. He contributed as a member of the Independent Panel of Experts, which was pivotal in the Australian Cyber Security Review. This collaboration led to the formulation of Australia’s Cyber Security Strategy in 2016, marking a significant milestone in the nation’s digital security framework. His leadership as the Director of National Security Programs at the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (2012-2016) further highlights his expertise. Under his guidance, the Institute’s International Cyber Policy Centre was established, reinforcing Australia’s stance in the global cyber policy arena.

His career is marked by a series of influential research and advisory roles. His contributions have extended to prominent organizations like the Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Studies, the Oxford University Global Cyber Security Capacity Centre, and global commissions including those on Internet Governance and the Stability of Cyberspace. These positions reflect his deep engagement and influence in shaping global cyber policy and security strategies.

His academic credentials are equally impressive. Dr. Feakin holds an Honours Degree in Security Studies and a Doctorate of Philosophy in International Politics and Security Studies from the University of Bradford. These academic achievements underpin his distinguished career, highlighting his depth of knowledge and commitment to the field of cyber security and international politics.

Dr. Feakin’s journey, from a scholar to a global leader in cyber affairs, illustrates his unwavering dedication to advancing cybersecurity measures and policies. His work has not only fortified Australia’s cyber infrastructure but also contributed significantly to the global discourse on cyber stability and governance.

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