Tim Hung Keynote Speaker

  • Assistant Vice President of Media and Social at Shangri-La Group
  • Former Assistant Vice President of Brands, Shangri-La Group.
  • Innovative Strategies at P&G

Tim Hung's Biography

Tim Hung, an esteemed Assistant Vice President of Media and Social at Shangri-La Group, is a recognized authority in the field of digital marketing and brand management. A dynamic speaker, he specializes in topics such as digital transformation, brand development, and marketing strategy. His current role at Shangri-La Group involves spearheading the transformation of digital marketing capabilities, an essential move in the post-pandemic hospitality landscape.

Hung’s educational background is as impressive as his professional trajectory. He is an alumnus of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and the London School of Economics and Political Science, institutions renowned for their rigorous academic standards. This educational foundation has undoubtedly contributed to his deep understanding of marketing and brand dynamics in a global context.

Before his current pivotal role, Hung was the Assistant Vice President of Brands at Shangri-La Group. In this capacity, he was responsible for developing a comprehensive global brand architecture and leading the commercial and development strategy. His adept leadership was particularly evident in his orchestration of the “From Asia with Heart” campaign, a global branding initiative celebrating the 50th anniversary of Shangri-La. This campaign not only reinforced the group’s brand identity but also showcased Hung’s ability to merge creativity with strategic insight.

Hung’s professional journey also includes a significant tenure at Procter & Gamble (P&G), where he served as Brand Director and Head of Media for Hong Kong and Taiwan markets. His role at P&G was marked by innovative brand strategies and effective media management, further solidifying his reputation as a marketing virtuoso.

Tim Hung’s expertise extends beyond traditional marketing frameworks. His approach is characterized by an acute awareness of contemporary trends and the evolving digital landscape. His leadership in transforming Shangri-La Group’s digital marketing approach post-pandemic is a testament to his visionary thinking and adaptability.

Tim Hung is a luminary in the fields of digital marketing and brand management. With a career marked by significant achievements in brand architecture and digital transformation, coupled with his educational pedigree, Hung stands out as an expert and an inspirational figure in the competitive world of hospitality marketing. His contributions to the industry are not only innovative but also set a benchmark for excellence in digital marketing and brand strategy.

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