Tiffany St James Keynote Speaker

  • Former Head of Public Participation for the UK Government
  • Recognized as one of the "25 Women Who Have Shaped the British Digital Industry over the Past 25 Years
  • Founded Transmute, a renowned digital management consultancy

Tiffany St James's Biography

Tiffany St James, a distinguished UK-leading digital consultant and former Head of Public Participation (Social Media) for the UK Government, passionately advocates for enhancing digital capability and innovation. She is a highly esteemed and sought-after speaker, renowned for delivering precise, engaging, and enlightening talks tailored meticulously for each audience, spanning industry conferences, corporations, educational institutions, and after-dinner events worldwide.
In pursuing her mission to embed superior digital competency, Tiffany combines her extensive knowledge and high-level connections to inspire and excite people and organizations, making practical and immediate use of technology accessible. Speaking topics often revolve around recognizing emerging talent, the value of cultural innovation, digital strategy, and the transformative power of technology.

Tiffany’s extensive experience is highlighted by her role as the strategic lead in the Cabinet Office for Social Media, where she spearheaded initiatives such as the world’s largest web-rationalisation programme and launched with Sir Tim Berners-Lee. Their collaboration aimed to elevate the transparency of the UK Government to unparalleled levels, a mission they continue to pursue diligently. Tiffany’s noteworthy experiences also include leading the social media platforms following the tragic Grenfell Tower Fire and addressing international governments on the UK’s pioneering digital and transparency agendas.
Tiffany is the founder and manager of Transmute, a premier digital management consultancy that guides large organizations and governments in embracing digital change through insightful strategies and cultural innovations. With a clientele that includes Google, Microsoft, the BBC, the Cabinet Office, and the UAE Government, Tiffany has delivered over 300 digital training courses to over 10,000 individuals.

Her contributions to the digital domain have not gone unnoticed, earning her titles such as one of the “25 Women Who Have Shaped the British Digital Industry over the Past 25 Years,” the “Most Influential Woman in Digital Strategy Consulting,” and “Most Influential Woman in Global Capabilities” by Acquisition International, and being featured in the “Top 100 Digital Marketing Influencers” by The Drum.
She is a revered author and has been featured in various prominent publications and media, amplifying her reach and impact in the digital sphere. Beyond her professional engagements, Tiffany actively nurtures talent and contributes to the broader digital community through her coaching sessions, focusing on leaders in digitally-led organizations and independent consultants, and her involvement in public membership initiatives.
Her distinguished education and profound speaking credentials further amplify her stature in the digital community, making her a desirable speaker for diverse events and platforms, including her notable TED talk in 2013 and keynote speeches at significant events like Internet World.
Tiffany’s charming and approachable demeanor, wealth of knowledge and lovely sense of humor make her a preferred choice for audiences seeking insight, inspiration, and actionable knowledge in the digital realm. She is a beacon of information, and her talks are a delightful amalgamation of intellectual richness and relatable anecdotes, showcasing her commitment to making Britain a digital powerhouse.

Tiffany St James is an exceptional speaker, captivating audiences worldwide with her profound expertise, clarity, and engaging approach. She possesses the remarkable ability to bring alive complex digital concepts, delivering insightful and tailor-made talks that resonate with diverse audiences, from industry experts to emerging talents. Tiffany’s enlightening and engaging speaking style, coupled with her charming and approachable personality, ensures that her audiences gain valuable knowledge and enjoy a delightful and inspiring experience. Her extensive speaking credentials, highlighted by international keynotes and her impactful TED talk, further emphasize her reputation as a leading voice in the digital world, making her a highly sought-after speaker for those eager to embrace the boundless possibilities of the digital realm. Whether addressing corporations, educational institutions, or industry conferences, Tiffany’s speeches are a beacon of inspiration and practical insight, reflecting her unwavering passion for digital innovation and her commitment to fostering a globally competitive digital culture.

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