Thimon de Jong Keynote Speaker

  • Expert on the impact of future human behaviour and societal change on business
  • Thought leader on human behaviour in relation to future technology
  • Founder of Whetston, a strategic foresight think tank

Thimon de Jong's Biography

Thimon de Jong is an expert in examining how human behaviour and culture influence business and how to use this knowledge to sync business strategy with rapid societal changes. Able to use socio-economic and cultural change to meet the strategic needs of different industries, it is little wonder he is becoming one of the most sought after speakers of his generation.
Thimon runs his own company, Whetston, a strategic foresight think tank. He also lectures at the social psychology department of Utrecht University.

Thimon’s speaking topics include The Human Response to Future Digitalisation, The Future of Partnerships, The Trust Transition, The Future of Ethics and Generation Z – The Real Next Generation.

Thimon studied cultural studies and international business, writing his master’s thesis on subcultures. He started his working career in journalism. In his role as editor-in-chief of a youth magazine he discovered his passion for interdisciplinary people research and started working as a youth and media researcher for Science of the Time and FreedomLab Future Studies.
Thimon is currently working on his latest book, “Future Proof”. Over the past ten years, Thimon has addressed international congresses and has spoken for companies and organisations including Morgan Stanley, Deloitte, Coca-Cola, Philips, Ikea, Novartis and Vodafone. He is determined not only to inform his audience of theories and facts, but also to provide them with practical advice on how to utilise the information and help their business grow.

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Videos of Thimon de Jong

IMI National management Conference (2015)
IMI National management Conference (2015)
Telia Connect2Business (2015)
Telia Connect2Business (2015)
The Millennial Woman (2012)
The Millennial Woman (2012)

Comments & Testimonials

Insight, inspiration and wonder. Thimon presented by way of storytelling in a natural manner which kept the attention of the audience.

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