Therese Gedda Speaker

Therese Gedda Keynote Speaker

  • Award-winning Founder & CEO of Reimaginez
  • Future of Work & Company Culture Keynote Speaker
  • "SKAPA" Award and "Nordic 100" Recipient

Therese Gedda's Biography

Therese Gedda is a highly accomplished entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience as a Founder, CEO, Executive Coach and International Speaker. She is sought-after by global audiences as a thought leader in innovation, leadership and entrepreneurship with a proven track record in building successful businesses.

In 2013, Therese founded the award-winning organisation Reimaginez, formally known as 30minMBA, specialising in effectively developing, changing, and growing workplace culture. Through executive counselling, practical training, and artistic consultancy, the organisation help founders and top executives attract, retain, and lead top performers while building a purpose-driven culture.

The success of Reimaginez inspired Therese to form the Be Brilliant Academy to help people realise their full potential. The institution, created in 2018, uses positive psychology, behavioural science and a wealth of practical experience to design tailored courses and lectures to help students achieve success.
By the time she was 21, Therese was already an accomplished industrialist serving as a visiting lecturer at the Royal Institute of Technology and the Stockholm School of Economics after founding her first consultancy firm at 17.

Since 2002, Therese has been a keynote speaker, executive coach and advisor who has shaped the culture of more than 30.000 companies across ten countries. Her endeavours have earned her invitations to private invitation-only events where she shared the stage with Michelle Obama, Brené Brown and Adam Grant.

Her work on company culture, the future of work, and the high achiever mindset has been featured in preeminent publications and outlets such as Fortune, NBC News, Nasdaq, Venture Beat, TNW, coFounder magazine and Maise.

Nordic 100, the equivalent of “Forbes 30 under 30,” named her one of the most significant persons in the Nordics for her contributions to culture and the future of work. In memory of Alfred Nobel, the SKAPA foundation recognised her as a Swedish Champion of Innovation and presented her with the Future Innovator Award.

Graduating from the Stockholm School of Economics with a Master of Science in Business and Economics, specialising in Marketing, she also completed a qualification in Entrepreneurship at the Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship.

Therese is a pioneer who has helped global startups and scaleups, including Apple and LVMH, to create, develop and expand healthy organisational cultures. Her unique ability to help people see their potential and unlock their inner power has made her a highly sought-after speaker who has made appearances at TEDx, Web Summit and Viva Tech.

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Videos of Therese Gedda

Design Your Corporate Culture to Make Your People Thrive | Keynote Speaker
Design Your Corporate Culture to Make Your People Thrive | Keynote Speaker
How To Hire Successfully Across Borders for Strong Cultural Fit
How To Hire Successfully Across Borders for Strong Cultural Fit
How To Become An Entrepreneur
How To Become An Entrepreneur
High Achiever Mentality, Creating a Purpose Driven Culture, and the Future of Work.
High Achiever Mentality, Creating a Purpose Driven Culture, and the Future of Work.

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