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  • Bestselling Author of "The Leader's Mindset: How to Win in the Age of Disruption"
  • Top 30 management thinkers by Thinkers50
  • Artificial Intelligence and Future expert


Terence Mauri is a work futurist, conference moderator and Inc. Magazine writer.

Terence’s keynotes act as a catalyst for reinvention. He combines curiosity, deep research and real-world analysis for understanding the future of organisations today. Terence addresses the mindsets organisations must embrace in order to thrive in the future: courage, clarity, curiosity, and conviction. Without them, organisations will fail. Building on lessons from diverse companies such as Goldman Sachs, Ant Financial (Alibaba), Starling Bank, JP Morgan, Netflix, Apple and Microsoft, leaders are inspired to create the next best version of themselves, allowing them to own the future rather than be disrupted by it.

Leaders around the world choose Terence to ignite Mindset 2.0 – a future-proof mindset and set of behaviors to turn disruptors into opportunities. Terence is an Inc. Magazine Top 100 Work Futurist Speaker and holds Entrepreneur Mentor In Residence roles at London Business School and Singularity University USA. Prior to this, Terence held director roles at Saatchi & Saatchi and McKinsey where he led global transformation project for clients including Alibaba, JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs. Then one day a car lost control, mounted the curb and hit Terence. This terrible accident changed Terence’s life forever and has enabled him to build new strategies for one of the greatest challenge facing leaders today: transforming your business in the face of massive and yet hard to predict disruption.

Terence is the author of the global bestseller, The Leader’s Mindset: How To Win in The Age of Disruption described as ‘a game changer’ by Harvard Business School and winner of the USA Axiom Business Book of The Year Award. In his book, Terence Mauri looks into the mindsets of visionaries, risk takers and pioneers and unlocks how they pursue ‘Moonshots’, revolutionary ideas that fundamentally change how the DNA of business is reimagined.

Speaking topics:
Little Wins: The Huge Power of Thinking Like A Kid

Are you ready to release your inner kid? Researchers have discovered that 98 per cent of three to five year olds show the ability to think in curious ways and yet by the age of twenty-five, just two percent showed the same ability. Take a deep dive into the huge power of thinking like a kid and be inspired to turn talk into action?

You’ll learn how to:

  • ​Unlock the power of thinking like a kid
  • Discover the virtues of a beginner’s mindset
  • Understand why not taking a risk is a risk

Survive or thrive in the age of AI

The future has already happened. We live in an age of wonder – cars that drive themselves, platforms that anticipate our needs, and robots capable of everything from advanced manufacturing to complex surgery. Automation, algorithms and AI are transforming not only business but also every facet of leadership. While many fear that robots will take their jobs, the rise of exponential technologies begs a bigger question: how do you continue to reinvent today while creating tomorrow?


How do you change before a crisis forces you to? How do you turn disruptors into opportunites? Disruption is a hot topic in boardrooms around the world as executives seek to improve profitability,

The Corporate Rebel ‘

Most companies are simply not designed to survive. They become successful on the basis of one big idea or breakthrough product,’ says Terence Mauri, author of the global bestseller The Leader’s Mindset: How To Win In The Age of Disruption. ‘The companies that will thrive in the near future are the ones not only embracing change but breaking the rules.’ In this dynamic talk, Terence delivers the immersion and the excitement that is often necessary

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The Leader's Mindset: How to Win in the Age of Disruption

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