Suzy Walton London, U.K.

  • Former Deputy Chairman of the University of Westminster
  • Chartered Occupational Psychologist and a Chartered Scientist
  • Served in the Ministry of Defence, the Cabinet Office and the Prime Minister’s Strategy Unit


Corporate Governance Panel at the IoD Annual Convention
Corporate Governance Panel at the IoD Annual Convention
Interviewing Sir John Scarlett, former Head of MI6 - 2020
Interviewing Sir John Scarlett, former Head of MI6 - 2020


Dr Suzy Walton is an expert in corporate governance – how companies run and indeed how government runs. She has sat on over 15 major boards and was previously in UK’s Cabinet Office and Ministry of Defence.

Being something of a polymath Suzy also had a career as an actress in the West End playing the juvenile lead in “Children of a Lesser God” and as a broadcaster. She was presenter, producer and editor of a travel programme on LBC Radio and a reporter for Sky News and BBC Television.

Suzy’s board expertise is unique; her positions have all been in different sectors. She is currently on the boards of ACCA (the global regulator for accountancy), Combat Stress and the Institute of Directors where she is the longest standing board member. She’s also Vice-President of the Royal Society of Medicine.

Suzy is the former Deputy Chairman of the University of Westminster, the Internet Watch Foundation and London based think-tank the RSA. She also sat on the boards of HEFCE (former university regulator with a budget of £5 billion) and Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

While working in central government Suzy served in the Cabinet Office and the Ministry of Defence from where she gained a PhD for classified research. She was also in the Prime Minister’s Strategy Unit running a pan-government programme called Strategic Futures. Rumour has it she is also a trained interrogator.

She has also sat on government committees including the State Honours Committee which makes honours recommendations to the Prime Minister and the Queen and the Ethics Group of the National DNA Database in the Home Office.

Suzy has BSc MSc and PhD degrees, is a Chartered Director, Chartered Scientist and Chartered Occupational Psychologist and has an honorary degree from a London university.

Speaking topics include:

  • How companies run and fail – Corporate Governance
  • How to succeed and overcome barriers
  • Equality and Diversity
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