Sue Hadden Keynote Speaker

  • Professional Career break coach
  • Advocate of staged sabbaticals to enhance career prospect
  • Author, "Your Career Break: The ‘How to’ Guide"

Sue Hadden's Biography

Sue Hadden is a leading advocate on the benefits of a career break and how they can actively boost employability. With over 13 years experience working in financial services, Sue has helped many people successfully manage their careers.

Sue took her first career break in 2005 spending six months abroad learning new skills such as the art of professional photography in Los Angeles and caring for babies in a children’s home in Taiwan, in addition to spending time with family and friends in Australia. Upon her return to London she was heartened to find that her break had actively improved her employment prospects, allowing her to secure a new role within a month whilst also enjoying an increased salary.

After a few more years Sue undertook an 18-month career break, this time focusing on consolidating personal relationships, developing new networks and travelling through Asia. Taking the time to reflect on her career, Sue invested in her own education by retraining as a professional Coach. Since, Sue has trained as a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner and has published a personal and career development book: “Your Career Break: The ‘How to’ Guide” (AuthorHouse, 2013) detailing how seizing a career break opportunity can be a catalyst to future success. This was evidenced on Sue’s return to London where she secured a role which ultimately led to an international assignment in New York.

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