Steph McGovern Keynote Speaker

  • Elected as an Honorary Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering.
  • Hosted "Steph's Packed Lunch" on Channel 4.
  • Co-hosts "The Rest Is Money" podcast with economics expert Robert Peston.

Steph McGovern's Biography

Steph McGovern, a British journalist and television presenter, is known for her insightful coverage of economic and business topics. She speaks about issues related to economics, business, and women in media. She has a podcast, “Not Bad for a Monday” that discusses workplace issues and also co-hosts “The Rest Is Money” podcast with economics expert Robert Peston.

McGovern’s impressive career began at the BBC. She initially worked on the “Tomorrow’s World” programme and later became the lead producer for daily financial news on the “Today” programme on Radio 4. Notably, she was also involved in launching “BBC Breakfast” from Salford. More recently, she hosted “Steph’s Packed Lunch” on Channel 4.

Steph holds a BSc in Science Communication and Policy obtained in 2005 from University College London. In recognition of her achievements, she was awarded an honorary doctorate from Teesside University in 2013. Interestingly, her passion for engineering shone through even before her media career took off. As a student, she was awarded “Young Engineer for Britain” after a design she created impressed Black & Decker.

McGovern remains a proactive advocate for financial education, particularly focusing on empowering young women. She is a vocal champion for women’s issues. This aligns with her public speaking engagements where she often addresses gender equality in the workplace and the challenges faced by professional women. Her approachable style and depth of expertise have made her a sought-after speaker at conferences and educational workshops around the UK.

Steph is a pivotal figure in British media for her expertise in presenting economics and finance in a way that resonates with everyday viewers. She continues to contribute significantly to both television and public education on economic issues.

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Steph McGovern's Speaking Topics

  • Economic and Business

Explore the world of business and finance with expert Steph McGovern.

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Videos of Steph McGovern

Steph McGovern on Enterprising Mindsets Podcast| 2022
Steph McGovern on Enterprising Mindsets Podcast| 2022

Articles, Media & Podcasts

Podcast Not Bad For A Mondaycast

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