Stefanie Babst Keynote Speaker

  • German political scientist
  • Former senior staff member of NATO 's International Staff
  • Holds positions in the Executive Committee of the DGAP .

Stefanie Babst's Biography

Stefanie Babst, PhD, is a highly sought-after speaker and thought leader in the field of international security policy and NATO affairs. She’s particularly renowned for her ability to eloit conversations on security policy, transatlantic relations, and strategic foresight, shaping global discussions with her exceptional insights.

Currently, Dr. Babst serves as the Chief Strategy Officer at the European Defence Agency (EDA) (2022-present), where she leads a dedicated team working on the strategic orientation of the European Union’s defense policy. Before her role at the EDA, she was acting as NATO’s Deputy Assistant Secretary General for Public Diplomacy (2013-2022), a pivotal role that placed her at the forefront of NATO’s communication and outreach activities. Prior to that, she served as the head of NATO’s Strategic Analysis Capability team (2009-2013).

A prolific writer and analyst, Dr. Babst is the author of several seminal books on international relations and defense policies, including her notable work, “Navigating the Transatlantic Gap: A Guide to European Security”. Her expertise has also been showcased in various reputable publications such as Foreign Affairs, The Guardian, and The Atlantic.

Her analyses and expert commentary have been featured in a wide range of media outlets, including BBC World News, CNN, and Deutsche Welle, where she shares her valuable insights on global security challenges and multilateral cooperation.

Over the years, Dr. Babst has received numerous accolades for her contributions to security policy analysis. She was awarded the NATO Meritorious Service Medal in 2018 for her significant contributions to the Alliance’s mission and objectives.

She is also actively involved in various non-profit organizations and committees focused on promoting global security and cooperation. Notably, she has been a board member of the German Council on Foreign Relations (DGAP) since 2016, where she contributes to strategic discussions on international politics and foreign relations.

Dr. Babst completed her doctoral degree in International Relations from the University of Tübingen, Germany, a notable accomplishment that solidified her academic standing in the field of security policy.

As a speaker, she has shared her expertise at several high-profile events, including the Munich Security Conference, the Atlantic Council’s NATO Leaders Summit, and various university forums. Her ability to clearly articulate complex geopolitical dynamics makes her a popular choice for speaking engagements globally.

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