Soumitra Dutta Keynote Speaker

  • Expert in the link between technological innovation and business success
  • Offers a global perspective on key trends in business
  • Dean of the Johnson Business School, Cornell University (2012-present)

Soumitra Dutta's Biography

Professor Soumitra Dutta is a leading expert on how businesses and nations use technological innovation to increase their competitiveness and create growth. His 22 years of research have given him unparalleled insights into the way businesses and governments are driving, and adapting to, revolutions in technology across the world.

Soumitra has documented his ideas in a series of acclaimed books. He co-authored “The Bright Stuff: How Innovative People and Technology Can Make Old Businesses New” (2002), where he analyses the skills and attitudes of successful digital economy innovators. His book, “Innovating at the Top: How Global CEOs Drive Innovation for Growth and Profit” (2008), distils a series of interviews with CEOs at nine highly innovative international corporations to examine how they have improved innovation performance. In “Throwing Sheep in the Boardroom” (2008), Soumitra discusses how online social networking is changing the inner dynamics of business organisations, as well as our behaviour as citizens and consumers. Soumitra has also conducted extensive research into how emerging markets are becoming key engines of innovation, and how this is affecting the global knowledge economy.

Soumitra has been the Dean of the Johnson Business School at Cornell University since summer 2012. Previously, he was the Dean of External Relations and Executive Education at INSEAD and had the responsibility of leading the largest executive education programme portfolio in the world.

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Videos of Soumitra Dutta

On Innovation (2013)
On Innovation (2013)
On innovation in Latin America (2012)
On innovation in Latin America (2012)

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