Sope Agbelusi Keynote Speaker

  • Executive coach, and expert on cultural change, inclusivity and people-centred cultures
  • Founder, MindsetShift, a leadership development company
  • Host of Everyday Leadership podcast, and featured in BBC World News, 5live, talksport, amongst others

Sope Agbelusi's Biography

Sope Agbelusi is an executive coach and international speaker. He is the Founder of MindsetShift, a leadership development company that is focused on developing authentic leaders who can navigate complexity, volatility, and change in their workplaces as well as creating inclusive, equitable and people over profit-centred cultures.

He has a background as a charted accountant and consultant, leading high performing teams in global organisations across 4 different continents. His background allows him to blends theoretical knowledge with practical application.

Sope has worked with many global brands such as Stella Mccartney, HSBC, Jaguar Landrover, Spotify, Google, Wesleyan,  Philips, Axis Capital, and Moodys, amongst others.

His insights have been featured in several news and media publications, including BBC World News, 5live, talksport, BusinessCloud and SOCIAlight amongst others.

Sope is the host of Everyday Leadership, a podcast where he interviews people from various corporate and start-up world sectors demystifying the myth leadership is about a title or a position.

Sope speaks about the bigger picture, for growth, for perspective shifts, and real cultural change.  His exciting talks are developed to make you think deeply, drive you to ask questions and help you find answers.

Speaking Topics

  • Authentic Leadership

  • Stepping Outside Of Your Comfort Zone

  • Hybrid Working Promotes Inclusion

  • Unlocking Your Superpower

  • Your Mindset Is Holding You Back

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Videos of Sope Agbelusi

If You Fail to Adapt Your Companies Will Fail
If You Fail to Adapt Your Companies Will Fail
Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone
Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Blogs & Articles

Everyday Leadership Podcast

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