Sona Muzikarova Keynote Speaker

  • Leading economist focused on Central and East Europe.
  • Specializes in economic repercussions of Ukraine war.
  • Former diplomat and current policy advisor to deputy foreign affairs minister of Slovakia.

Sona Muzikarova's Biography

Sona Muzikarova is an internationally trained macroeconomist, public policy advisor, and speaker with over twelve years of experience analyzing the region of Central and Eastern Europe. Her speaking engagements draw heavily on her varied expertise in economic analysis – from leading international organizations, think-tanks, and diplomacy – and at the same time, are firmly anchored in leading industry trends and game-changing geo-economic events.

In the past twelve months, Sona has been helping organizations to debunk and navigate the economic and social repercussions of Russia’s ongoing war in Ukraine. Her keynote speeches and discussion chairing and moderation resonated in online and offline spaces, at leading European and regional conferences, on the grounds of central banks, ministries, economic chambers, media companies, and the C-suite of leading financial institutions, to support them in taking their best decisions for business and policy in this rocky economic landscape.

Sona is a former economist at the European Central Bank, has led the expert substance of the 2019 Ministerial Council Meeting at the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), and a former chief economist at Globsec. She regularly contributes to the on-air programming of leading Middle Eastern television channels, such as Al Jazeera, Sky News, and Asharq/Bloomberg, frequently contributes economic and political analyses to the Economist Intelligence Unit and Oxford Analytica, and also advises the Slovak deputy foreign affairs minister on geoeconomic issues.

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Sona Muzikarova's Speaking Topics

  • • Economic and social repercussions of Russia’ ongoing war in Ukraine

  • • Economic policy in turbulent times

  • • EU economic outlook

  • • Economic and political trends in Central and East Europe

  • • Geoeconomics, global value chains and the future of international trade

  • • Economic/commercial diplomacy

  • • Transition economies’ development

  • • ESG, business strategies, and a new capitalism

  • • Europe's energy security

  • • The rising geo-strategic importance of NATO's Eastern Flank Countries

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Videos of Sona Muzikarova

CESEE countries in (e-)motion: trends in the automotive industry and individual mobility
CESEE countries in (e-)motion: trends in the automotive industry and individual mobility
DEF VII - Inflation: Here to stay or transitory?
DEF VII - Inflation: Here to stay or transitory?
#TatraSummit2021: Strategic Transformation of CEE-Economy: A K-shaped Recovery?
#TatraSummit2021: Strategic Transformation of CEE-Economy: A K-shaped Recovery?

Articles, Media & Podcasts

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