SNASK Keynote Speaker

  • Internationally renowned creative agency
  • Experts in branding, design & film
  • Lectured at both Google and Stanford University

SNASK's Biography

Snask is the internationally renowned rockstar creative agency from Stockholm.

They do world class design, branding and film and strive to challenge a conservative world by doing things differently. They are not afraid of making enemies in order to gain fans and strongly believe that value driven branding and communication is the only way forward. They have toured the whole world and headlined the biggest conferences across the globe. Most of the times they bring their rock band that plays with them on stage to perform an inspirational talk and show that leaves no one untouched.

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Snask on the power of provocative branding
Snask on the power of provocative branding

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Comments & Testimonials

There is a saying in America (and maybe in other places) that goes, “When everyone else zigs, you zag”. I propose updating it to “When everyone else zigs, and others zag, you Snask.” Because that’s exactly what Snask does: what everyone else ISN’T doing. They put typefaces, colors, and materials that don’t go together in a way that’s surprising, fresh, and energetic.
Armin Vit Founder of Underconsideration & Brand New and Brand New Conference in NY

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