Sir Alex Younger Keynote Speaker

  • Former Chief ("C") of the Secret Intelligence Service, also known as MI6
  • Longest-serving MI6 Chief in 50 years
  • Expert on international security, cybersecurity, geopolitics

Sir Alex Younger's Biography

Sir Alex Younger is the Former Chief (“C”) of the Secret Intelligence Service, also known as MI6. He served in this role for six years, from 2014-2020 and in 2019 became the longest-serving MI6 Chief in 50 years.

Sir Alex Younger joined MI6 in 1991. He was posted to Europe and the Middle East, and Afghanistan. He spent most of his career as an operational case officer. In 2009, Sir Alex Younger became the head of counter-terrorism, during which he was involved in security for the London Olympics 2012.

Alex became the UK’s Spy Chief, a position known as “C” in 2014. During this period he focussed on the transformation of his service, aimed at making technology more of an advantage to MI6 than it was to their adversaries. He also maintained a network of intelligence chiefs worldwide, covering the spectrum from allies to adversaries. He advised the Prime Minister on intelligence and security matters, including as a member of the National Security Council.

Prior to joining MI6, he read economics, as well as computer science, at St. Andrew’s University and was an infantry officer in the British Army (Scots Guards).

Alex’s focus now is on explaining the implications of geo-political, geo-technological and cyber competition to a wider audience. He believes that many of the trends he observed during 30 years in the covert world are now features of all our lives. This affords Alex a distinct insight on increasingly widely shared problems.

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Sir Alex Younger's Speaking Topics

Geo political developments, especially in the context of Russia and China.

Geo-technological competition, especially on the context of China.

The implications of key emerging technologies, AI, Quantum, Synthetic Bio, for geo-political competition.

Leading transformational change, in a high risk, morally contested, networked environment.

Leadership and resilience.

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Videos of Sir Alex Younger

FT Interview - How coronavirus has stepped up geopolitical rivalry - outgoing UK spy chief
FT Interview - How coronavirus has stepped up geopolitical rivalry - outgoing UK spy chief

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