Simon Parker Keynote Speaker

  • Travel Writer, Broadcast Journalist and Engaging Speaker
  • Reports on stories as diverse as product shortages in Venezuela, the ‘migrant crisis’ in Greece and social inequality in the barrios of Northern Colombia
  • Sailed and cycled from China to London in 133 days

Simon Parker's Biography

Simon Parker is a British travel writer, broadcast journalist and engaging speaker working across a wide range of themes and subjects. If it involves travel, intriguing people and an untold story, then he’s interested.

Simon Parker reported on stories as diverse as product shortages in Venezuela, the ‘migrant crisis’ in Greece and social inequality in the barrios of Northern Colombia – to paragliding solo through the Andes, hiking Bali’s highest volcanoes and driving a rickshaw the length of India.

He has visited, and reported from, over 100 countries in the past decade – from Bhutan and French Polynesia to Svalbard and Namibia.

Between March 20th and July 30th 2016 he embarked on his toughest story yet – to sail and cycle from China to London in 133 days.

And his latest creation, Earth Cycle, is set for global broadcast in 2018.

Simon Parker has taken his travel tales on tour to dozens of private members’ clubs, schools, universities, corporate and public events all over the world, including The Frontline Club and Tedx. At the moment he discusses ‘Embracing Restlessness’ – and asks how all of us can squeeze more out of our lives.

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