Simon Kuper Paris, France

  • Award-winning columnist at the Financial Times
  • Commentator on globalisation, urban culture, politics and football
  • Prize-winning author, "Soccernomics" (2012)


Good Governance in Sport (2011)
Good Governance in Sport (2011)
Speech to data analysts working in football on the use of statistics (2012)
Speech to data analysts working in football on the use of statistics (2012)
Author, FT Columnist Simon Kuper on the game we love
Author, FT Columnist Simon Kuper on the game we love
Berlin Keynote - 2018
Berlin Keynote - 2018


Simon Kuper is a leading columnist on urban culture, globalisation and soccer.    He has been writing for the Financial Times for most of the last 20 years. His column in the weekend magazine is highly respected, and read by tens of thousands of people around the world.

Although he is now best known for his liberal observations on modern life, Simon is also well-known for his insights into sport – whether the topic is sports stars, the sports business, or the interactions between sport, politics, economics and culture. His book “Football Against the Enemy” (1994), which won the William Hill Sports Book Of The Year that year, focused on how different cultures shape the way different nations played the game. His book “Soccernomics” (2012), co-authored with Stefan Szymanski, examines how insights and analogies from economics, statistics, psychology, and business can help us understand success and failure in football.

A collection of his profiles of footballers and football managers, “The Football Men”, appeared in April 2011. As well as being a prolific writer, Simon Kuper often appears on television as a sport and cultural commentator.

Simon now writes on a wide variety of topics, from observations on city life, to global politics and demographics. His articles are peppered with humour and insightful anthropological observations. This has been only enhanced by his nomadic lifestyle, having lived in a number of different countries and speaking several languages.


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