Silvia Garcia Keynote Speaker

  • Former Global Marketing & Happiness Institute Director for Coca-Cola
  • Highly regarded for her strategic thinking and human centric communication campaigns
  • Speaker at TED Toulouse Business School

Silvia Garcia's Biography

Silvia Garcia is an expert in helping businesses thrive. As the former Global Marketing and Happiness Institute Director for Coca-Cola, she unlocked the company’s secret to success: its people! Connecting with its consumers, engaging its employees, and keeping its stakeholders’ trust.

Silvia led Coca-Cola through global challenges and opportunities. She is highly regarded for her strategic thinking and human centric communication campaigns, as well as for helping spread positive leadership in 195 countries. Her cutting edge discoveries serve to increase happiness and create the right mindset to help teams rise through challenges.

Today, Silvia guides organizations to harness human potential. She brings the latest scientific discoveries on human thriving and business performance to cultivate cultures of high resilience, trust, and collaboration. She is regularly consulted on topics such as AI, trust, the future of work, resilience, leadership and wellbeing.

As we embrace technological advancements, it’s crucial that we preserve what makes us uniquely human: our creativity, empathy, and emotional intelligence. The future is not one of competing with machines, it is a synergy leveraging technology to enhance our capabilities.

Highly demanded all around the world, her speeches have been said to change “lives and companies”.  Invited to speak at TED Toulouse Business School, she discussed the role of emotions in fostering innovation and success. Silvia works with clients to spread positive leadership and cultivate high-trust, growth-minded cultures that elevate performance in individuals, teams, and organizations. Silvia speaks English, Spanish and French.

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Silvia Garcia's Speaking Topics

  • Artificial Intelligence

Explore how you can interlace AI and human potential to leverage opportunities for innovation and growth.

  • Marketing

The Coca-Cola secret recipe to create brands that people love.

  • Customer Experience

Clients can forget what you said or did, but they will never forget how you made them feel. A neuroscientific guide to creating valuable relationships.

  • Mindset /Happiness at work / Emotional Wellbeing

Why top performing companies are using happiness at work as a competitive advantage and how you can create a culture that sustains the seven plus 1 science-based pillars that fuel it.

  • Effective Leadership

The secrets of highly effective teams. Eight science-based tools to lead for human success.

  • Innovation

How to use the right emotions to fuel innovation and creativity.

  • Generation Z/Multigenerational workforce

How to unleash the potential of generation Z: understanding the forces that have shaped their needs, and learning how to create a flourishing work culture for them.

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Videos of Silvia Garcia

GWS 2017: Is the Glass Half Full or Half Empty? ...The Glass is “Refillable”! | Silvia Garcia
GWS 2017: Is the Glass Half Full or Half Empty? ...The Glass is “Refillable”! | Silvia Garcia
Innover, c'est décider avec nos émotions | Silvia Garcia | TEDxToulouseBusinessSchool
Innover, c'est décider avec nos émotions | Silvia Garcia | TEDxToulouseBusinessSchool

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